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Roof spoilers are one of the largest components in the automotive industry with complex geometry. This aerodynamic part must deliver an outstanding mechanical performance and requires great aesthetic appeal, as it is considered one of the key elements that defines the exterior styling line of the vehicle. 

Therefore, choosing a material that meets all the strict requirements of this application is a crucial decision for the manufacturer. A material with very good mechanical and thermal values as well as good processability is required in this application, which needs both an excellent physical and aesthetic performance. The selected material should also give a good performance during the assembling of the different parts by adhesive bonding or vibration welding techniques, among others, as well as excellent paintability.


Recommended ELIX grades for spoiler applications:

ELIX ABS H801, an ABS grade modified with PC, has several advantages that make it perfectly suited for roof spoilers. 


Both the tensile modulus (2400 MPa) and flexural modulus (2300 MPa) of ELIX ABS H801 are higher than many PC/ABS grades with a greater PC content, while its density is much lower (1.07 g/cm3 vs. 1.13 g/cm3). Its impact resistance, with a Charpy notched impact strength at 23°C of 30 kJ/m2, is in the highest range of an ABS grade. High stiffness and impact are combined with a very good thermal resistance (Vicat B50 of 105°C).


Thanks to its great mechanical properties, ELIX ABS H801 can be used in both exterior painted parts as well as hidden structural parts. As an example, ELIX ABS H801 has been selected for both spoiler and aeroblade parts in the new BMW X5, X7, and X6M cars.

The H801 material is approved by Ford under WSS-M4D827-A3, by GM under GMW15572P-ABS-T3, GMW15572P-ABS-T4 and GMW15581P-ABS+PC-T1, by BMW under GS93016 and by Daimler under DBL5404.79.


When an OEM specifies the selection of a PC/ABS blend for spoiler applications, ELIX materials PC/ABS 5120 and 5130 are the best choice, with a Vicat B50 of 118 ºC and 128 ºC, respectively, and an impact according to ISO 179/1eA of 48 and 50 kJ/m2, respectively. In addition, the high flowability of these materials offers an advantage for thin walls and long flow-length applications. 


PC/ABS 5120 is approved by PSA under RMA ABS/PC-0001, while PC/ABS 5130 is approved by PSA under RMA ABS/PC-0004 and listed by Renault (PMR2019). 


ELIX has a wide portfolio of products that meet the stringent requirements of the automotive industry and are suitable for high-heat, low-emission applications. The choice of material to be used (ABS, ABS modified with PC or PC/ABS) will depend on the requirements specified by the different OEMs. 


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