New ABS/PC plating grade with very high flowability

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ELIX Ultra HF 4200PG


For chromeplating ABS and ABS/PC applications, decrease or absence of internal stresses in the injected part is essential to reduce plating defects and help the plated parts pass the stringent thermal cycle tests. Slow injection speeds, together with high mould temperatures, are generally used to reduce internal stress, resulting in longer cycle times with the consequent decrease in productivity.

With the aim of reducing internal stresses in complex parts, ELIX introduces ELIX Ultra HF 4200PG, its newest plating solution for those high demanding projects. This material is based on the need expressed by OEMs and Tiers to develop an ABS/PC grade that combines the excellent properties of a PC/ABS with improved flowability, to overcome the challenges posed in specific chromeplating projects. Its higher flowability in comparison with the ABS/PC plating materials available in the market permits the injection of thin wall, large or complex geometries with reduced internal stress on the moulded part, leading to an improvement in metal adhesion and performance after thermal cycles, and a reduction in cycle times and scrap levels in general.


Typical Application

Automotive interior parts: Decorative centre control parts, decorative door panel and handle parts.
Automotive exterior parts: Front grill frame, exterior trim, tailgate handles, emblems.

ELIX Ultra HF 4200PG is recommended for those applications where the complexity of the part and the stringent tests involved require a high flow ABS/PC.

R+D concept

“The aim of our project was to strengthen our position in the plating market by developing a new grade with unique properties to overcome the challenges faced by our customers in complex projects” 

Market Field



Excellent flowability (26 cm3/10’ at 260ºC, 5 kg)

Very good thermal resistance (Vicat B50=113ºC)

Extreme high impact strength of 58 KJ/m2

Excellent compatibilisation between PC and ABS to ensure optimal performance after plating.


Several advantages over ABS/PC materials with a higher PC content:

  • Better flowability
  • Lower processing temperatures
  • Lower cycle times
  • Lower cost
  • Lightweighting 

Special material formulation fulfilling electroplating process requirements, ensuring high quality for class A surfaces.


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