Tailor-made package for processability and degradation resistance improvement

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ELIX Ultra 4105 with LNS308 package


This package increases flow and protection against degradation caused by shear and high process-related temperatures, whilst reducing air entrapment and cycle time.

Standard applications

ELIX grades with LNS308 package are recommended for those complex geometries where better processability is needed or moulding parts where processing issues such as polymer degradation may occur.

As an example, ELIX Ultra 4105 with LNS308 package is used for glove box compartments in a range of BMW car models (BMW 1 series, 3 series, 5 series and 5 Gran Turismo).

R&D concept

“Following our values of creating partnerships and providing high value solutions, the challenge was to improve the rheological performance of the material for the moulding of parts with extremely complex geometry, fulfilling the needs of our customers in a highly competitive and sustainable production process”.

Market scope



  • Increased flowability.
  • Reduction in polymer degradation caused by shear and high temperatures.


  • Reduction in cycle times.
  • Better processability, resulting in a significantly lower scrap-rate of injected parts.
  • Also applicable to other ELIX grades.


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