PC/ABS blends with high flow

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ELIX PC/ABS 5120 and ELIX PC/ABS 5130 grades


Thin-walled parts design has been a target in the last years for economic and environmental reasons. Many applications for thin-walled parts can be found in different sectors such as E&E or consumer goods, where an excellent balance of flowability, toughness and rigidity is required.

In this sense, the development of the ELIX PC/ABS product line was oriented to fulfil all these requirements.


Standard applications

  • Automotive exterior parts: Grills, shark fin car antenna, pillars, rear light housing.
  • Automotive interior parts: Instrument panel parts, seating parts,centre console trim, door components.
  • Electrical switches, distribution boards, power sets.
  • Coffee machines, kitchen aid.

ELIX PC/ABS grades 5120 and 5130 are recommended for those applications requiring excellent thermal resistance and mechanical properties.

R&D concept

“Our Project aim was to develop PC/ABS blends for injection moulding process with excellent balance between flow and mechanical properties”.

Market scope

E&E, automotive, household.


  • High flow and low emission PC/ABS blends.
  • Injection moulding materials with excellent mechanical properties balance up to -40ºC.
  • Vicat B120= 120ºC (Elix PC/ABS 5120) and 130ºC (Elix PC/ ABS 5130).
  • Good processing stability.
  • Good surface finishing.


  • High-flow grades allowing thin-walled parts and longflow- length applications.
  • Low emissions and odour approved by several OEM specifications for automotive interiors.
  • Expertise in the technical area, including colour matching.


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