ELIX Polymers introduces “responsible innovation” criteria for product development

  • Pioneering move includes an ethical and moral code in the early stages of R&D and innovation.

As part of the innovation strategy of ELIX Polymers, it has launched a new process of product development and innovation based on criteria of responsible innovation.

The development process now includes an assessment of the values such as sustainability, environmental protection and health issues. These values are analyzed using criteria of ethical and moral responsibility. “The assessment takes into account the benefits and harm that a particular new development can generate so that the company can select the most sustainable scenario”, says Antonio Prunera, Head of Quality & Business Development at ELIX Polymers.

For that reason, ELIX Polymers uses a methodology called Value Sensitive Design (VSD) which allows a systematic evaluation of responsible innovation of new developments by the innovation and development team. Moreover, Value Sensitive Design (VSD) approaches to the design of technology that accounts for human values in a principled manner.

"The inclusion of Responsible Innovation criteria was a logical step in our policy of new product development," says Antonio Prunera. “The impact of our products needed revision from the point of view of ethics and morals. We are responsible for what we create. This is our chance to create something better for the environment and for people. Value Sensitive Design allows us to select the best choice among the various options presented to us.”