ELIX Polymers announces new compounding line

ELIX Polymers has announced that it is to invest in a new compounding line at its Tarragona site. The investment is part of ELIX Polymers' strategic plan to become a leading manufacturer of high quality pre-colored ABS resins and derivatives as well as tailor-made specialties used in Automotive, Healthcare, Consumer, Appliances and Electronics applications.

The new line will incorporate state of the art technologies for thermoplastics compounding production, specifically for ABS and ABS blends, and will be developed in cooperation/partnership with the leading suppliers of these technologies. The line will include a twin screw compounder, ZSK 92 Mc18 from Coperion GmbH, and an underwater pelletizing system, 7EAC from Gala Kunststoff GmbH.

The line, which will come into operation by Q2 2016, will provide ELIX Polymers with greater flexibility to deliver a wider range of tailor-made solutions and will increase capacity on top of the current compounding line.

The new investment is an important step forward in ELIX´s Excellence in Operations Program, and it will improve efficiency in operations and energy resources, whilst ensuring highest safety standards.

ELIX´s Excellence in Operations Program is part of the company’s strategy, focusing on customers’ demands for increased flexibility in customized solutions and reduced lead times as part of ELIX´s service differentiation.

Over the last 2 years, ELIX Polymers has invested in a number of state-of-the-art assets at its facilities, to meet customers’ requirements and support expected growth. In parallel, ELIX Polymers has improved its operations by redefining procedures and processes in line with LEAN management principles. This has resulted in a more flexible plant and improvements of the scrap rate levels and reduced consumption of water and energy.

David Castañeda, Operations Director at ELIX Polymers said: “This program is part of ELIX´s strategic plan for our new company positioning and transformation. It has been successfully implemented, optimizing the operating profile and resulting in a highly efficient, reliable and profitable company.”