ELIX Polymers chemically recycled products with up to 100% sustainable feedstocks


ELIX Polymers chemically recycled products with up to 100% sustainable feedstocks

All of ELIX’s Circular Economy activities come under the E-LOOP brand name, with two strategic programmes from ELIX Sustainable Portfolio Solutions: Circular Plastics and Responsible Innovation.

E-LOOP CR products are manufactured with sustainable and certified raw materials that incorporate circular and bio-based feedstocks. These products are certified according to ISCC+ and the mass balance model is used to ensure traceability and transparency throughout the supply chain. Different combinations of feedstocks are possible as there are different sources for the 3 main monomers: fossil fuel-based feedstocks, chemically recycled post-consumer waste and bio-based feedstocks.

CR products with a content of up to 100% more sustainable feedstocks are now possible, meaning that all 3 monomers (Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, Styrene) can be replaced. Depending on the final mix of monomers, reductions in CO2 emissions of more than 90% can be achieved compared to prime grades. All products from the ELIX Polymers portfolio can be produced as CR grade, including applications with the strictest requirements, such as food contact, light colours and even medical parts. The material properties remain the same, so there is no need for new material approvals and all of the available technical data can be used. First OEM approvals have already been received from various industries.

ELIX Polymers was the first ABS producer to receive yellow cards for its E-LOOP products with certified raw materials, as requested by E&E customers and consumer goods segments.

If you would like more information, or to develop more sustainable products adapted to your needs and the demands of society, please contact us at [email protected].