ELIX Polymers makes donation Asociación Provincial Parálisis Cerebral Tarragona APPC Fundació Muntanyeta


ELIX Polymers makes a donation to the "Asociación Provincial de Parálisis Cerebral de Tarragona (APPC) - Fundació La Muntanyeta"

Today, the leading global thermoplastics manufacturer ELIX Polymers organised an event to donate €600 to the "Asociación Provincial de Parálisis Cerebral de Tarragona (APPC) - Fundació La Muntanyeta", a non-profit organisation that provides comprehensive care for children and adults affected by cerebral palsy in the province of Tarragona.

The event took place at the central office of La Muntanyeta and the persons attending on behalf of ELIX Polymers were Noelia Vázquez, People & Culture and Communication Director, Sergi Pérez, CSR Program Coordinator and Sandra Castanedo, Communication Technician. The Chairman of the Foundation, Francesc Tarragona, and the Director of the Foundation, Maria Pérez, attended on behalf of La Muntanyeta.

The company made this donation on occasion of the Second Edition of the ELIX Polymers - Sant Jordi 2022 Short Story Contest held last April, at which all the participants received a solidary book mark designed by hand with loving care and dedication by persons with cerebral palsy from the Trèvol Home (Tarragona).

Within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and its mission aimed at making a positive contribution to social well-being, ELIX has chosen the "Asociación Provincial de Parálisis Cerebral de Tarragona (APPC) - Fundació La Muntanyeta" to help improve the quality of life for persons with cerebral palsy in the region.

On behalf of La Muntanyeta, the Chairman of the Foundation, thanked ELIX Polymers for its solidary initiative. “Actions like this help to place the focus on the abilities of persons with cerebral palsy and improve their integration and social inclusion”, says Francesc.

ELIX Polymers will continue to promote solidarity by contributing to and supporting local non‑profit organisations.