ELIX Polymers, AnQore OCI N.V. support European consumer goods company produce sustainable products


ELIX Polymers, AnQore and OCI N.V. support European consumer goods company to produce more sustainable products

Today, AnQore, OCI and ELIX Polymers announced that a major European consumer goods manufacturer will use ELIX E-LOOP ABS, a step that will substantially reduce the carbon footprint of its products and contribute to a more sustainable value chain. The ABS is based on Econitrile, a sustainable version of acrylonitrile launched by AnQore, which in turn is produced using sustainable ammonia from OCI.

A leading European manufacturer of ABS, ELIX Polymers, recently grouped all of its Circular Economy products and services under the new E-LOOP brand name. In addition to the ELIX E-LOOP ABS that it will supply to a prominent European consumer goods business as part of this cooperation, the company is also working on several more sustainable products with mechanically and chemically recycled content for several industry segments, including automotive, healthcare and toys.

The chemically recycled products are all certified with the ISCC PLUS certification (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification). ELIX was the first producer of ABS and ABS-based materials in the world to obtain the ISCC PLUS certification for its production facility in Tarragona, Spain.

“Partnerships such as the one announced today will allow us to achieve our sustainability goals and offer products to society that are manufactured using sustainable materials”, said David Castañeda, CEO of ELIX Polymers.

ELIX E-LOOP ABS is made using Econitrile, a versatile, low-carbon footprint product with uses ranging from toys and air filters through to water treatment and engineering materials. Econitrile supports the production of both bio-methane to bio-ammonia and of bio- and circular-naphtha into sustainable propylene. AnQore is the first company in the world to introduce this type of sustainable acrylonitrile into its portfolio to power responsible sourcing and the circular economy.

AnQore’s CEO, Pieter Boon, commented “We are very proud to work with ELIX Polymers and OCI N.V. in making our value chains more sustainable. Econitrile is unique in the sense that it is readily available and allows consumers of acrylonitrile to immediately reduce the CO2 footprint of their products. By offering Econitrile, made from bio- or recycled raw materials, we support our customers on their journey to a more sustainable future”.

The sustainable ammonia produced by OCI uses biomethane in the production process. This practice was pioneered at OCI, which is the first company to introduce this type of sustainable ammonia into its portfolio, thus contributing to responsible sourcing of bio-based materials. OCI is a first-mover in industrial decarbonisation and a leader in developing sustainable ammonia markets, alongside its other renewable products such as bio-methanol and development low carbon fertilisers. Through collaboration with its partners and customers, OCI is making the value chain greener and contributing to a more sustainable world.