ELIX Polymers strengthens its R&D&i strategy together with POLYMAT

Within its framework of R&D&i, ELIX Polymers is strengthening its research cooperation with POLYMAT by recently joining the consortium on polymerization in dispersed media. The objective of the Industrial Liaison Program on polymerization in dispersed media is to strengthen research in order to achieve improved product performance through process engineering.

POLYMAT is a research institute located in the Basque Country. It provides support to the industrial sector through a multidisciplinary research programme in the field of polymers. POLYMAT works in close cooperation with its clients and provides technical support to over 100 firms, both SMEs and large enterprises, with the objective of improving the competitive position of those firms and teaching them how to resolve problems based on its experience in polymers.

ELIX Polymers and POLYMAT have been cooperating on various projects for years. Both companies have shared a framework of cooperation referring to specific emulsion processes for the development of ABS. The year 2020 saw their relationships shored up, thereby allowing ELIX to become a part of the consortium and consolidate its strategy in research, development and innovation. Within ELIX’s R&D&i strategy, it will be able to play an active role in making decisions about the research programme through its representation on the scientific board together with POLYMAT and all other partners.

Polymeric dispersions are used in a wide variety of applications, and major advances can be achieved by combining the science of polymers and imaginative process strategies. This idea was what inspired the research programme of POLYMAT’s Polymerization Processes Group (PPG). These developments would not have been possible without close cooperation with latex producers. 

“Cooperation such as this allows the necessary synergies to be created in the field of research and development for emulsion polymerization processes and allows coming up with solutions to the challenges presented by industry and customers”, comments Marc Pérez, R&D and Technology manager at ELIX Polymers. “Moreover, POLYMAT’s technological and research experience, combined with perfectly equipped laboratories, makes it the ideal partner in our R&D&i strategy”, Marc Pérez adds.

POLYMAT is one of the most important emulsion polymerization institutes in the world, and apart from ELIX Polymers, a large number of leading firms in the polymer sector form a part of the POLYMAT consortium.

For more information, visit www.ehu.eus/es/web/polymat/industrial-liaison-program