ELIX Polymers renews CSR Responsible Care Company certification


ELIX Polymers renews CSR “Responsible Care Company” certification for another year

This May, ELIX Polymers, a leading manufacturer of ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) resins and derivatives in Europe, renewed its CSR “Responsible Care Company” certification as a member of the Responsible Care programme. This certification is awarded by FEIQUE (Spanish Chemical Industry Business Federation), the representative and manager of this initiative in Spain.

This is the chemical industry’s international voluntary initiative for continuous improvement in Health, Safety and Environmental Protection in all its operations, in accordance with the principles of Sustainable Development and CSR.

The authorisation to apply this mark was first granted on 1st March 2015 for Responsible Care companies, provided they comply with the necessary requirements to obtain this authorisation. It has a renewable validity period of two years. This period ended on 1st March 2021, and a new period has now started, which expires on 15th May 2023.

ELIX Polymers has fulfilled a series of requirements related to ethics and values; human resources; the environment; the supply chain; clients; the local community; communication and dialogue, and as a result it has been granted this renewal.

“Once again, the commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development of each and every one of the people who are part of ELIX has been recognised through the CSR ‘Responsible Care Company’ certification. We extend that recognition to all those who have actively contributed since 2008, the year in which we received certification for the first time. We will make sure that this recognition does not remain merely a certification, but represents differential value running through our daily activities”, stated Sergi Pérez, Coordinator of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programme.

As a company operating in the chemical sector, ELIX Polymers promotes the development of initiatives that consolidate its commitment to sustainable development, achieving a positive impact in all its interest groups through a responsible, sustainable management strategy that improves transparency and the market value of its products and services.