ELIX Polymers’ E-LOOP products recycled content commercially available


ELIX Polymers E-LOOP products with recycled content are commercially available

ELIX Polymers, a global leader in specialised styrene-based thermoplastics, has included all of its Circular Economy activities under the new brand name, E-LOOP, which was launched successfully last February. The E-LOOP brand includes two strategic programmes of ELIX Sustainable Portfolio Solutions: Circular Plastics and Responsible Innovation.

In October 2020, ELIX obtained the ISCC Plus certification for its production facility in Tarragona, Spain. ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) is a globally applicable sustainability certification system that covers all sustainable feedstocks, including circular and bio-based materials and renewables. For further information, please visit: www.elix-polymers.com/news/191/elix-polymers-certified-with-iscc-plus-for-production-of-circular-abs

The first products are already commercially available, and the first volumes of E-LOOP H801 MR black and M220 CR25 have been produced and validated by customers from the Automotive and Toy Industries, which have shown an interest in implementing these more sustainable solutions as a part of their own Circular Economy strategies to achieve their sustainability goals. E-LOOP H801 MR is a product that contains mechanically recycled material, and E-LOOP M220 CR25 is a product that contains sustainable feedstocks certified under ISCC Plus. ELIX receives these recycled feedstocks from its established suppliers as a result of close cooperation based on long-term agreements.

“We consider this to be the next step in our circular economy strategy, and we are offering products that have the same level of functionality in end customer applications as virgin materials”, said Toni Prunera, Head of Business Development and R&D/IP.

These products form a part of the extensive portfolio ELIX Polymers is planning to launch in the market, and other grades with varying content and origins of recycled streams will be added soon. The benefits of this more sustainable product portfolio are the following:

- replacement of fossil-based resources with circular and sustainable feedstocks

- reduction of the carbon footprint

If you require further details or would like to work together on developing more sustainable products adapted to your needs, please contact us at: [email protected].

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