ELIX Polymers certified ISCC PLUS production circular ABS


ELIX Polymers certified with ISCC PLUS for production of circular ABS

  • First producer of ABS and ABS blends that is certified with ISCC PLUS

ELIX Polymers, a leading manufacturer of ABS resins and derivatives in Europe, has obtained the ISCC PLUS certification for their production facility in Tarragona. This achievement is an important milestone in their sustainability strategy and for promoting the transformation of the value chain towards a circular economy model and reducing their ecological footprint. The circular monomer styrene certified under ISCC PLUS, comes from suppliers that use sustainable sources (e.g. thermal cracking of decomposed waste plastic oil) for its production.

ELIX is the first producer of ABS and ABS blends that is certified with the ISCC PLUS, the certified mass balance approach. The product portfolio certified by ISCC PLUS is identical to ELIX regular high-quality products and their properties.

By being able to guarantee the traceability of the waste used ELIX can offer its customers a product with recycled material for high-demanding applications such as the healthcare segment, food-contact requirements or clear colors.

ELIX is already in contact with OEMs and converters that showed high interest in these new materials to establish collaborations and discuss in detail the application requirements and next necessary steps.

Antoni Prunera, Head of Business Development and R&D from ELIX commented: “One of the commitments of our circular economy strategy is to offer up-cycling solutions preserving the functionality in final customer applications. With these new materials we have done an important step in this direction.”

ELIX Polymers ISCC-PLUS Certificate.

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