ELIX Polymers Climate Export prizes Second CSR Awards Spanish chemical sector


ELIX Polymers receives the Climate and Export prizes at the Second CSR Awards of the Spanish chemical sector

Last Wednesday the Spanish Chemical Industry Federation (FEIQUE) organised the Second CSR Awards in Madrid, which distinguishes companies from the chemical industry taking part in the Responsible Care programme for their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development.

ELIX Polymers received the Climate Prize in the environmental area for its sustainable production process management, which obtained the greatest reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GGE) per ton generated in 2017 as compared to 2015. ELIX has reduced its GGE by 12% thanks to the implementation of improvements in its production processes that have optimised the consumption of electricity and natural gas.

On the other hand, the company also received the Export Prize in the economic area through its contribution to promoting the export potential of the Spanish chemical sector, in which its export figures represent more than 65% of its turnover. In 2017, ELIX exported 92% of its production.

The Second CSR Awards were presented by Mª Antonia Pérez León, the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Social Security’s Director General for Regional Work, Social Economy and CSR, Alejandro Cros, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism’s Subdirector General for Industrial Sector Policies and Juan Antonio Labat, FEIQUE’s Managing Director.

The award was collected on behalf of ELIX Polymers by David Castañeda, Director of Operations, Innovation and New Business, and Noelia Vázquez, Human Resources and Communication Director. “It is an honour to receive these awards, which are the result of the company’s commitment to economic and environmental sustainability. We wish to highlight the FEIQUE initiative of recognising positive actions taken by chemical companies within the framework of the Responsible Care programme, which we have been a member of since 2008”, says David.

Noelia Vázquez added: “As a company operating in the chemical sector, we will continue to direct our efforts at projects that guarantee the integration of safety and environmental protection, generating sustainable growth based on the efficient management of our workforce”.