ELIX Polymers workers Acredita't-AEQT Programme


ELIX Polymers recognises its workers for completing the Acredita't-AEQT Programme

Last Thursday 26 July, ELIX Polymers, one of the leading European manufacturers of thermoplastics and derivatives, held a ceremony for 18 of its workers who participated in the second edition of the Acredita't-AEQT Programme, thereby completing Higher Level Vocal Training in Industrial Chemistry.

The Acredita't-AEQT programme, through I.E.S. Compte de Rius, allows anyone who has been working for years in the chemical industry to obtain an official certificate of all the competencies they may have acquired through their job position, practice and professional experience. It likewise facilitates earning the diploma of Higher Level Vocal Training in Industrial Chemistry.

Through this ceremony, ELIX Polymers has wanted to acknowledge the effort and dedication of the participants, who have made a qualitative leap in their training and have acquired new knowledge and skills to be developed in their respective job positions.

One of the workers, Sergio López, Assistant Shift Foreman of the Granulate Plant, received an award for the best ABS Production project at the granulate plant. In this regard, he commented: “I’d like to thank ELIX Polymers for having given me the opportunity to participate in the Acredita't-AEQT Programme, which has allowed me to study and work at the same time without giving up anything. It's been a very positive experience. I've been able to expand my competencies and professional skills, which means improving myself both professionally and personally”.

One of ELIX Polymers’ missions with respect to its workers is to promote personal and professional development in a collaborative work environment that is both safe and sustainable. In this regard, Noelia Vázquez, Director of HR & Communications, stated: “At ELIX Polymers, we are committed to training our human team, thereby enhancing the talent of our professionals, whose knowledge and competencies guarantee solid growth for the company”.

The ceremony included the participation of workers from ELIX who have gone through the Acredita’t-AEQT Programme and representatives from both the company's Management Team and areas such as Operations, HR and Communications, among others.