New company firefighters in ELIX

A few employees with a group of 21 collaborators of other chemical companies, have graduated as Company Firefighters after to overcome successfully the Basic Training Course organized by Institute of Catalonia Public Security (ISPC), in collaboration with AEQT.

The graduation ceremony has been in 112 installations, Reus, with the presence of several authorities. The chairman of Security Committee and vice-president of AEQT, Kepa Díaz de Mendíbil has affirmed that "this course is an example of the collaboration between the public and the private sector and with it we offer a quality training”.

The 14a edition of the Basic Training Course to company firefighters has been celebrated this year, receiving an excellent approval among the companies associated to AEQT.

To point out the fact that after passing this Course in the ISPC, the new Company firefighters are completely prepared to do prevention tasks, extinguishing fire and rescue in emergency situations.

For ELIX this kind of training spaces are the key inside the Security and Risk Prevention in the workplace.