ELIX Polymers gives its “2022 Best Supplier of the Year” award to Covestro Utilities Services


ELIX Polymers gives its “2022 Best Supplier of the Year” award to Covestro Utilities Services

In the seventh edition of this award, ELIX Polymers, in order to acknowledge the support provided by its suppliers in meeting the company’s objectives and challenges, has decided to highlight the collaboration of Covestro Utilities Services, selecting them as the best supplier of the year 2022.

This past 30 March, ELIX Polymers welcomed at their facilities Andrea Firenze, General Manager of Covestro, Jose M. Robles, Head of Utilities and Infrastructure of Covestro and Maria Fayos Galan, Head of Environment of Covestro, and they were presented with the ELIX Polymers Outstanding Performance Award 2022, presented by David Castañeda, CEO of ELIX Polymers, Narcis Vidal, Operations & Supply Chain Director, and Francisco Duran, Head of Operations.

“This year Covestro Utilities Services has received this award in appreciation of their collaboration, transparency and proactive effort throughout the year. Covestro has proven to be more than a supplier for ELIX Polymers, being a true collaborator that shares our challenges, while always contributing constructive solutions that guarantee the service to ELIX's clients", said Narcis Vidal at the award ceremony.

The strict criteria considered by ELIX when selecting the best supplier of the year are very demanding as the company has very high standards of excellence, both for the products and the service. Likewise, values like commitment, innovation, integrity and sustainable growth are key criterion in this selection.

For seven years now, ELIX Polymers has been acknowledging suppliers with this award, which in addition to adding value to their operating processes, clearly shows their support in the consolidation of their corporate strategy. ELIX Polymers considers their suppliers are key elements of their business and for this reason, seeks suppliers who are aligned with meeting their objectives.