ELIX Polymers expands styrenic-polymers business into North America

  • Shorter lead times for existing North American customers 
  • Access to global portfolio of ABS and ABS/PC products
  • Strong company focus on providing customer-oriented solutions 
  • Local team for commercial and technical support

ELIX Polymers, one of the world's top suppliers of high-performance acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polycarbonate/ABS (ABS/PC) polymers used in numerous industries, is expanding its business and physical presence into North America.

The company’s North American activities will focus on its global portfolio of ABS and ABS/PC products. Key amongst these are ABS specialties which will be available as  custom coloured grades, as well as ELIX's unique technology high heat resistant grades, offering specific customer-oriented solutions. Key markets to benefit from this move include Automotive, Appliances, Healthcare, Consumer, Toys, Electro & Electronic, and Building and Construction.

ELIX Polymers’ extended presence in North America will be supported by a local central warehouse located in New Jersey which will facilitate shorter lead times for existing customers and an efficient operation throughout the country. The company’s main office is located in Florida, with an expected initial team of four by the end of 2016, to cover both the United States and Mexico.

With over 40 years of experience producing engineering plastics for very-demanding markets, the Tarragona production facility, which is located in Spain's main plastics and petrochemical area has a 180 kilotonnes of installed (annual) capacity.

A major difference between ELIX grades of ABS and ABS/PC and those of competitors is the use of a unique and proprietary technology, which is responsible for making the materials more sustainable, thereby protecting employees, customers, and the environment. These have higher flow for better and faster processing and improved moulder productivity and profitability, lower density for lighter parts in the same geometry, and higher upper temperature limits, extending the range of applications in which the polymers can be used.

Gerhald Claussen, Business Manager Americas said: “This is a significant step for both our company – and our customers. Having a local team will facilitate easier communication, faster responses and shorter lead times, as well as local USD pricing, invoicing and payments.”

He adds: “As a leading manufacturer of ABS resins and derivatives we have four decades of experience in engineering plastics.  Through this new initiative, ELIX Polymers is bringing additional benefits in terms of products, service and delivery to existing and new customers in North America. It is a first step towards expanding our global capabilities so that we can better meet our customers’ global business needs.”

Carlos Müller, Business Director, concluded: "When you couple our reputation, our approvals position, our strong commitment to customer service, and our new technology, we feel we offer an unbeatable combination to the customer base in North America that is looking for new technology and products to gain its own advantage over competitors."