ELIX Polymers reference of best practices on the market

Narcís Vidal, Supply Chain Director in ELIX Polymers, traveled to Berlin to attend the forum "Enterprise EMEA for Gartner Supply Chain Leaders" with the aim of explaining the history of our company as a benchmark of best practices in the market company.

Customers and other companies in the sector were present at the event, allowing us to share and exchange best practices with them, and at the same time, take new ideas on the latest trends in the new market practices and thus carry them out in our company. “I had many positive feedbacks about the presentation and the content. In any case it served for the sector to learn more about our company as a reference of good practice,” says Narcís Vidal.

It has already been two years since we have taken partnership in Gartner, learning a lot from them and carrying out projects as measuring our service through the kpi Perfect Order and the company’s decision process through the operations of the sales plan.

Finally, we would like to thank all the work teams of the Supply Chain area, for their work on the path for success of ELIX in the last 4 years.