ELIX Polymers completes the 3D modelling of all its production plants and digitalises its document management


ELIX Polymers completes the 3D modelling of all its production plants and digitalises its document management

ELIX Polymers, world leader in the manufacture of thermoplastics, has completed the 3D modelling of all of its production plants and has digitalised its document management. This means it can carry out all of its engineering projects using 3D models, take high precision measurements, and significantly reduce the design workload.

The 3D modelling of the production plants was carried out by Cuaternion, a company that specialises in the creation of point clouds and the digitalisation of industrial facilities.

One of ELIX’s key values is innovation, and this technological advance is a clear example of this. The digitalisation of its facilities has allowed ELIX Polymers to link process diagrams (P&IDs) to 3D models. Similarly, the digitalisation of Engineering and Maintenance departmental know-how in a new document manager has improved information accessibility, allowing it to be linked to the equipment and the 3D model through metadata.

ELIX Polymers is also carrying out a security analysis and research using these models in a very effective way. All users of this technology have shown the time savings achieved by being able to obtain information from the plants quickly and in a precise manner, without having to leave their place of work.

“I would like to highlight the extensive level of detail in the ELIX Polymers digital project, resulting in a real and detailed model that is unparalleled at European level. Thanks to this approach, the company has been able to make a difference and create the basis for future implementations and integrations of other tools”, stated Yury Bogdanov, Technical Director at Cuaternion.

This provides a wide range of options for expanding this technology to new applications, such as security, maintenance, education and training, as well as more efficient and secure access to knowledge.

For ELIX Polymers, the technological future of its facilities is a priority, and it remains committed to investing in them in order to continue leading the thermoplastics market.

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