ELIX Polymers donates laptops and printers to give them a second life


ELIX Polymers donates laptops and printers to give them a second life

Within the framework of its corporate social responsibility policy and its mission to contribute positively to the social well-being of its local surroundings, ELIX Polymers has collaborated with Universitat Rovira i Virgili, with the ‘Quilòmetre Zero’ association and with the ‘Todos en Azul’ association by donating 26 laptops and 12 printers. 

On the one hand, the company has decided to collaborate on the SustainComp project, an initiative of URV Solidaria in cooperation with the global social network Labdoo. The objective is to give a second life to laptops that are still in usable condition. Through this initiative, ELIX has donated 26 laptops that were in disuse for students who do not have a computer, thereby contributing to reducing the digital gap in education.

Volunteer students studying the Computer Engineering Degree at the URV are participating in this project. They are in charge of tuning up the computers as required, while CRAI personnel from the University are in charge of picking up the equipment. 

The Labdoo network is used for coordinating all the processes and for the free exchange of all information, including technical information, information about available materials and information about any necessary trips. This avoids the emission of any additional pollutants when the computers are taken to their destination, given that trips already scheduled by other areas are taken advantage of.

‘Through this project, the URV is implementing a new type of volunteer work, something that is needed but not very common, by providing a study tool for students or centres that have difficulty obtaining enough equipment. None of this would be possible without the help of donors, such as ELIX Polymers, which has considered this project as a way to give new life to equipment that would otherwise be stored and unused’, states the Vice Chancellor of Social Commitment and Sustainability of the URV.

On the other hand, ELIX has collaborated with two non-profit associations in the province of Tarragona, ‘Quilòmetre Zero’ and ‘Todos en Azul’, to which it donated 4 and 8 printers, respectively, with the objective of providing help and support for people who need it the most.

‘All of us at Todos en Azul would like to publicly thank the donation received from ELIX. We are a non-profit association, and the printers will truly go a long way to being able to prepare the material for our new centre that provides care for people with autism’, remarks Juanjo Caravaca, President of the ‘Todos en Azul’ association, on behalf of all the members.

ELIX Polymers will continue to promote solidarity by contributing to and supporting local non-profit organisations.