ELIX Polymers makes a charitable donation to the DHIDES Association


ELIX Polymers makes a charitable donation to the DHIDES Association

Last Monday, 9 May, the company ELIX Polymers, a global leader in the manufacture of thermoplastics, held an event in which it handed over a donation of €1,100 to the DHIDES Association (women and men for equality and development) at the Castell de Masricart, a space that was provided by the City Hall of La Canonja.

The donation was made on the occasion of the second edition of DNA ELIX, a series of conferences and testimonials with high motivational impact. Their mission is to strengthen the DNA of ELIX as a company, and for each attendee, ELIX makes a financial donation to a non-profit organisation in the territory.

Within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and in order to make a positive contribution to the social well-being of its surrounding area, ELIX Polymers decided to make a donation to the DHIDES Association in order to help eradicate social inequalities and improve the quality of life of citizens through equal opportunities.

The event included the presence of Francisca Márquez, Councillor of Acció Social i Ciutadania i Salut of the City Government of La Canonja; Rosa Casas, Co-founder of the DHIDES Association; and students of the Equality Specialist Course of the Innovation and Occupational Training Centre (CIFO).

The attendees on behalf of ELIX Polymers were David Castañeda, CEO; Noelia Vázquez; People & Culture and Communication Director; Sergi Pérez, Coordinator of the CSR Programme; Sandra Castanedo, Communication & Social Media Technician; and Anabel Fornos and Júlia Piqué, representatives of the Equality Commission.

“We are delighted to bear witness to the good equality practices of companies such as ELIX Polymers. It allows us to observe that a cultural and organisational change is taking place at companies, which are implementing equality plans with the certainty that they improve not only the quality of the product but also the quality of life of the people on their staffs”, affirms Rosa Casas.

“Thanks to this donation, we’ll continue to do what we do: put life in the spotlight and care for it. Hierarchies of power urgently need to be eliminated in order to eradicate all violence, whether due to sex, gender, class or origin and whether it takes place at institutions, in schools, at work or in the street. Places for reflection and awareness-raising such as ADN ELIX have to be created and are essential for preventing violence and inequalities”, adds Rosa Casas.

During the ceremony, ELIX Polymers presented the main objectives and measures of its 2nd Equality Plan, linked to the company’s diversity and inclusion strategy. “In line with SDG 5, on Achieving Gender Equality, and in order to integrate equal opportunity as a basic and cross-company principle, we have negotiated and recently approved our 2nd Equality Plan, thereby strengthening our commitment to promoting equality between men and women”, affirms Anabel Fornos.

Likewise, the company presented its adhesion to the Inspira Steam programme, which encourages girls to pursue scientific-technological careers based on awareness-raising and guidance actions led by professional women from the world of research, science and technology. At ELIX there are already a large number of women mentors who voluntarily share their daily experiences with the children of the province of Tarragona.

All these actions are an example of ELIX Polymers' commitment to promoting equal opportunity among its employees and to making a positive impact in the social environment where it operates.