ELIX Polymers awards the Safety and Prevention Prizes within the scope of its Safety Day

Within the scope of Safety Day, held on 28 April, ELIX Polymers has awarded the “ELIX 2019 and 2020 Safety Prize for service companies” to the companies IPSUM PROYECTOS INDUSTRIALES, S.L. and KAEFER SERVICIOS INDUSTRIALES, S.A.U. Both companies obtained the best Safety KPI (Key Performance Indicator) score (IPSUM in 2019 and KAEFER in 2020), thus acknowledging their implementation of best practices in the area of prevention as regular collaborators at ELIX's facilities.

At ELIX Polymers, we ensure that safety is taken into account in all our processes, generating a working environment that promotes collaboration and is safe and sustainable. For the above reasons, it is important for service companies to be committed to continuous improvement and prevention.

The criteria for evaluating contractor companies include aspects such as accident rates, participation of safety technicians in safety talks and in making preventive safety observations and the score obtained in an internal audit in terms of occupational risk prevention.

The award ceremony took place on ELIX Polymers’ premises with all the necessary preventive and safety measures and several representatives from both companies were present as well as several members of the Operations and Management staff of ELIX Polymers. Esperanza Pérez, SHE Manager, had this to say: "This award acknowledges the efforts made by our collaborators in the area of occupational safety.” “We are particularly grateful for this prize, as safety is one of the pillars of KAEFER’s management activities. In our opinion, maintenance and continuous improvement of safety standards is a fundamental part of our day-to-day activities and we will continue to strive to be among the leaders in this area”, added Miguel Ángel Serrano, Project Manager at KAEFER.

IPSUM is a service company that specialises in diverse industrial assemblies, integrating engineering, equipment and materials supply, electromechanical and associated construction services. KAEFER is a market leader in insulation and access services and also provides passive fire protection services, enclosures and interior fittings, together with other products and services for industry, the naval industry and the offshore and construction industry. Both prize-winners are well aware of the fundamental values aligned with ELIX Polymers: commitment to quality, service, customers, occupational safety and respect for the environment.

Likewise, during the celebration of Safety Day, as a continuation of its occupational safety and prevention approach, the company organised another award ceremony, the “award for the employees who had participated the most in the Unsafe Situation Warning (ASI) programme”, which recognises and encourages employee involvement and pro-activeness in the continuous improvement of workplace safety conditions. Óscar López, an assistant shift head, and Francisco Javier Tortosa, a chemical plant operator, were awarded the prizes for 2019 and 2020 respectively, as the employees notifying the highest number of Unsafe Situation Warnings. “Due to their great commitment, we consider them a reference in terms of participation, in a setting of cooperation, openness and trust, in keeping with the corporate values of ELIX”, commented Esperanza Pérez during the event.

This year's Safety Day was focused on Resilience to overcome current and future crises, applied to Health and Safety Systems and to people. As specific objectives, the aim was to ensure that both ELIX's Health and Safety System and its staff are able to adapt to change and emerge stronger from difficult situations such as that of the current pandemic.