Lean culture, empowerment, opportunities


ELIX Polymers strengthens the effectiveness of its human team through Lean culture

Over the course of recent years and thanks to the growth and participation in continuous improvement of our staff in all the implemented initiatives, the Lean culture at ELIX has led to improvements in daily management, thereby strengthening the effectiveness of the company and its professionals.

Some of the improvements implemented at various levels of the organisation include the general optimisation of processes, correct waste management, order and cleanliness at the facilities, risk prevention and management, cost reduction and increased profitability.

Throughout the year, various areas of the company have developed projects using Lean tools such as A3, Value Stream Mapping, Hoshin Kanri and Kaizen board, among others. Internally, areas participate in a digital space called Lean Community and workshops take place annually between departments. In the workshops initiatives and experiences are shared, thereby strengthening relations and ties between projects and promoting learning.

Regarding the positive impact created by implementing the LEAN methodology at ELIX, the company’s professionals agree, that what makes this methodology valuable has been the commitment and participation by all the team members. They believed in the need for change and in the benefits that the new improvements would bring to their daily performance. This empowerment, through the objectives of each area, channels individual efforts towards achieving the corporate mission.

The Lean methodology, together with other projects and management tools, has succeeded in improving ELIX Polymers’ position in the thermoplastics market, not only due to the quality of its products and its personalised service but also due to having the capacity to identify improvement opportunities that add value to its management and strengthen the abilities of its team of professionals.