ELIX Polymers undertakes the challenge of becoming better every day

For years now and as part of its global mission, ELIX Polymers promotes the personal and professional development of its collaborators through the LEAN culture, which is based on a series of values, principles and continuous improvement techniques.

This year, because of the current coronavirus pandemic, the LEAN event was organised on-line and was attended by representatives from different areas of the company for the purpose of boosting their capabilities in terms of implementing continuous improvement techniques. Likewise, they were pleased to welcome the participation of the Development Director of the LEAN Management Institute, Oriol Cuatrecasas.

During the event, participants learned first-hand about the experiences other partners had in implementing improvements through their A3, as well as the difficulties they encountered when carrying them out. Also, collaborators from the operations area introduced the 5S method, which is a management technique based on five principles to make workplaces better organised, more orderly and cleaner. At ELIX, this Lean manufacturing method is being applied at one of their work areas for the purpose of obtaining an orderly and safe working environment.

On the other hand, the attendees received a series of tips about the different Lean methodology tools as well as the keys for a proper implementation in order to achieve operational excellence.

“We must be capable of identifying improvement opportunities that add value to our management as well as boost the capabilities and skills of our team of professionals”, said Narcis Vidal, Operations & Supply Chain Director at ELIX Polymers.


After the event, and with the aim of acknowledging the effort, commitment, perseverance and teamwork displayed by all the persons involved in the continuous improvement projects, all those in attendance voted for the best A3.

The vote was very close but in the end, the wining project was “Reduction of container waste”; a success story that will allow confronting future challenges with a greater chance of success.

“The training and experiences we have had all together when implementing improvements, in view of the great potential we have ahead of us, is the best possible award”, said one of the attendees.

ELIX Polymers will continue encouraging their team of professionals to step forward and embark on the Lean trip, a voyage that entails meeting the challenge of becoming better every day.