Sinochem International presenting new compounding plant in China

As part of the prestigious Chinese business group’s strategic planning for compounding materials, Sinochem International’s Lightweight Materials BU is presenting their new compounding plant located in Yangzhou (Yizheng) Chemical Industrial Park. The production is planned to start by the end of 2021 with a yearly capacity of 24,000 tons/year.

In the first phase, several specialty products from ELIX Polymers’ high quality product portfolio will be produced. The product portfolio will include specialty ABS grades, high heat ABS, ABS/PC and PC/ABS blends which can be customised in several colours and with special additives. In a second phase, the capacity will be increased to 56,000 tons/year with the production of other polymer compounds.

For ELIX Polymers, integrated with Sinochem’s Lightweight Materials BU, this step will support global collaborations with OEMs and its key customers in several continents. In particular, for the Automotive Industry it is very important to have locally produced materials for the Asia-Pacific markets with the same quality standards to allow them to be used for their global platforms and increase the required local content. This is an important step for ELIX Polymers to be considered as a true global player in the market.

In 2015, ELIX Polymers already established a legal entity in the US and will now cover the three main regions for ABS polymers: Europe, America and China.

A local Sales team responsible for ELIX Polymers portfolio has already been established in China and is working on many interesting, high-demanding projects based on ELIX Polymers specialty products that have already started or will do in the near future.

Sinochem International aims to become a reliable and leading global material supplier that is ready to provide one-stop product services based on ABS, PC, PA, ASA, PP, PMMA, PBT, PPA and other engineering plastics.

Sinochem International has an extensive technical background, multi-level global and regional product portfolio, as well as international quality management. Sinochem’s multiple polymer strategic expansion and professional technical and marketing team operation could turn the integration ability into modified product benefits to serve different industries and customers with stable product quality and provide a swift response, improving customers’ product market competitiveness.