ELIX Polymers and REPSOL sign a Circular Economy partnership agreement

The agreement reached between ELIX Polymers and REPSOL will make it possible to implement a collaborative framework for a circular economy that includes the commitment to supply ISCC PLUS-certified recycled styrene on a regular basis as from 2021.

This important alliance will allow both companies to strengthen their relations and cooperate closely with each other on achieving their goals within their respective circular economy and sustainability strategies.

At the end of 2019 REPSOL obtained the ISCC PLUS certification for all its production centres of polyolefin and other circular petrochemical products, including recycled styrene. This certification allows REPSOL to guarantee the traceability of the waste used in order to offer products to its customers made from recycled material for applications with strict cleanliness and safety standards. These recycled products are obtained from the chemical recycling of post-consumer plastic waste that is not suitable for mechanical recycling.

In addition to the regular supply of certified recycled styrene, the agreement includes the possibility of developing joint projects within the scope of the circular economy for developing more sustainable solutions that can be used in applications with strict standards and requirements, such as toys, small household appliances, external and internal automotive parts, or medical devices.

Furthermore, ELIX Polymers and REPSOL belong to the SCS (Styrenics Circular Solutions) platform, a joint industrial initiative for increasing styrene circularity. In addition, ELIX Polymers is a member of the European PLAST2BCLEANED project for the implementation and feasibility of an electro-electronic waste recycling system and of other industrial initiatives.

As part of its sustainability strategy, ELIX Polymers is currently developing high-end sustainable solutions for its customers. ELIX is therefore establishing partnerships with raw material suppliers that allow it to integrate increasingly more renewable raw materials into its products, in addition to high-quality, mechanically-recycled ABS and monomers from chemical recycling. The ultimate objective is to reduce its ecological footprint and contribute to establishing new standards for the plastics industry.

Partnerships such as the one with REPSOL announced today will allow the company to create the necessary synergies in the value chain and offer products to society that are manufactured based on more sustainable materials. And customers won’t perceive any change in the properties of their products, yet they will be participating in a responsible, circular consumption.

For more information, please visit: ELIX Circular Economy section