ELIX Polymers joins the Repte Experimenta programme

ELIX Polymers is joining the Repte Experimenta (Experimental Challenge) project, signing a collaborative agreement with Fundació URV to support this programme. Based on the slogan “el interés y la vocación por la ciencia no nacen, se crean” (interest and a vocation for science are not innate, but created), Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) and Institut Català d’Investigació (ICIQ) aim to bring experimentation closer to primary and secondary school students.

Within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, ELIX Polymers continues with its commitment to cooperate with social projects in its area, in order to satisfy the needs of its immediate environment. On this occasion, it has done this in conjunction with Universitat Rovira i Virgili through a collaborative agreement based on a financial donation to the Repte Experimenta programme targeted at primary and secondary schools.

In the programme, the students, accompanied by scientific ‘sponsors’ from the academic and business sectors, design an experiment with household items (foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and cleaning products, etc.) and make a video to enter for the competition, with prizes for the best young science communicators. As the state of alarm makes it impossible for scientific sponsors to work with the students in the classroom, they have decided to sponsor boys, girls and young people on the Internet. For this reason, they have set up the #RepteExperimentaCasa (#HomeExperimentalChallenge) competition, as anyone with a kitchen has a potential laboratory. So during the confinement period, proposals for simple experiments that families can do at home will be published on the programme website (retoexperimenta.es) and on the social networks. All those who share their video on the social networks are eligible to take part in a competition and win different prizes.

Noelia Vázquez, HR and Communications Director at ELIX Polymers, explained: “We will continue to support social and educational activities that have a positive effect on our immediate environment, bringing the chemical industry closer to the new generations who are the driving force of our society’s future”.