ELIX Polymers and its commitment to the health crisis

We at ELIX Polymers are committed to helping hospitals and health professionals from our area who are suffering from a shortage of the necessary materials to face this unprecedented health crisis. In view of the difficulties in the supply of personal protective equipment, we have decided to donate 95 TYCHEM coveralls to Hospital Universitari Joan XXIII in Tarragona. In addition, we have given them the baskets of fruit and nuts that we receive every week at our facilities, in a gesture of solidarity and to prevent wasting food that can be used by other people who need it, such as the staff of this hospital in our city. “We are convinced that we will get through this situation, with the joint effort and solidarity of everyone. These are difficult times in which we must cooperate with each other as best we can", says Noelia Vázquez, HR & Communication Director at ELIX Polymers.