ELIX Polymers new investment Tarragona plant


ELIX Polymers announces a new investment in its Tarragona plant

  • The leading company will strengthen its position in the ABS specialties market and bolster its expansion plans with this new investment

The company ELIX Polymers, a thermoplastics manufacturer located in Tarragona's Polígono Sur industrial complex, has announced a new investment amounting to 4 million euros, whose objective is to optimize its ABS powder production facilities.

The company expects to begin executing this new project in 2018, which it will continue to develop and consolidate throughout this year and 2019.

ABS powder is used as an intermediate product for producing ABS compounds and as an impact modifier in other thermoplastic compounds. With this new investment plan, ELIX Polymers assures access to this intermediate product for its own production of ABS and ABS compounds, and the company shores up its position in the European market as a supplier of ABS powder.

This investment is framed within the company’s Strategic Plan, which after several years of growth will consolidate ELIX Polymers as a benchmark manufacturer of ABS and ABS compounds in more highly specialized applications and segments.

David Castañeda, Director of Operations and New Business Development at ELIX Polymers, affirmed: “Within the company’s strategic plan, we are seeking to accompany customers as they grow, strengthen our position in key markets and increase our international presence by accessing new market niches and specialties in the NAFTA region and Asia. This investment will also allow us to both optimize our operations as well as make them more flexible, with the objective of continuing to be a benchmark in the market due to our reliability and custom solutions”.

This investment project will provide ELIX Polymers with the best technology in the market. To implement and develop the project, the company is collaborating with the top suppliers of the selected equipment. It will also incorporate equipment that will allow the integration of industry 4.0 in facilities operations.

Over the last two years and following its Strategic Growth Plan, ELIX Polymers has made considerable investments in its facilities and its IT and management systems for the purpose of expanding, positioning itself in the market, and differentiating itself from its competitors by offering a service based on the key factors of flexibility, proximity to customers, proactiveness, global perspective, and custom service solutions.

This new investment in facilities, together with those made over the last two years, demonstrates ELIX Polymers’ commitment to its production center in Tarragona.