Two teams from ELIX Polymers participated in the Trailwalker 2018


ELIX Polymers employees change lives with their kilometres

The Trailwalker Euskadi 2018, organised by Oxfam Intermón, took place last weekend, from 19 to 20 May. This charity event, which promotes sports and teambuilding, consists of covering 100 km in 32 hours, with the sole objective of fighting poverty and human right to water.

This year, 64 teams took part, including two teams from ELIX Polymers (ELIX FAST FURIOUS and ELIX KEEP CALM), who travelled to the Basque Country (Euskadi) to cover the 100 km through the hills of Vitoria and Ullibarri-Gamboa reservoir. Under the motto “Kilometres that change lives”, both teams spent months training and raising funds in order to enter and donate the funds to the more than 400 projects set up by Oxfam Intermón all over the world, and among them, providing drinking water to those who need it most.

Thanks to the contribution of the 64 teams entering, made up of 318 participants, and all the people and companies who have cooperated in the Trailwalker Euskadi 2018 project, it was possible to raise more than €600,000 for the different social projects set up by Oxfam Intermón.

In the opinion of the team members, taking part in this great challenge has served as a teambuilding tool, creating a fantastic mood and improving labour relations, whilst also allowing them to develop skills such as leadership and teamwork. According to Maria Romeu from the ELIX KEEP CALM team, “It was an amazing experience, a great sports and charity challenge which we faced as a team. We were all the winners of this race.”

ELIX Polymers has implemented different initiatives to help its teams meet the challenge by organising activities to raise funds for the cause. We firmly support this initiative, which helps strengthen bonds between fellow workers, promoting values such as motivation, teambuilding, cohesion and solidarity.