ELIX Polymers at the “Annual Automotive Plastics Summit”

ELIX Polymers was at the “Automotive Plastics Summit”, which took place in Stuttgart, Germany, on May 23 and 24. This event has been celebrated for the first time with the aim of getting industry experts and manufacturers together to discuss latest innovations, challenges and trends in the sector.

Our company was there with the objective of presenting the new ABS material reinforced with natural fibers, which we have recently launched to the market. The presentation focused on providing information about the main characteristics of this new and innovative material and the challenges that were overcome during the development phase. The speaker was Ignacio Buezas, Business Development Manager for Strategic Businesses at ELIX Polymers, presenting the main advantages of the material and showing the different target applications that the product has within the automotive industry.

“The reception of the material was very positive among the OEMs and Tiers that attended the event, opening a window for substituting other conventional plastic materials, such as ABS reinforced with glass fibers, with this new generation of materials with an improved environmental performance”, stated Ignacio Buezas.