Plastimagen 2019 ELIX Polymers new materials technologies Booth 1363


Plastimagen 2019: ELIX Polymers presents new materials and technologies (Booth 1363)

ELIX Polymers, a leading manufacturer of ABS resins and derivatives, will present its portfolio of materials and technologies at Plastimagen 2019, one of the most important trade fairs in the plastics sector, which will be held in Mexico from the 2nd to the 5th of April at the Banamex centre in Mexico City.

During this international trade fair, at booth 1363 ELIX Polymers will present its portfolio of products and innovations in materials for several key markets. These innovations are the result of the company’s strong emphasis on product differentiation and its significant investments in R&D, thereby allowing it to stand out among manufacturers of basic ABS products.

Some of the products being presented at the Plastimagen trade fair include the following:

  • ABS grades with a very low level of emissions and odour, in addition to high heat-resistant ABS for the automotive industry.
  • A generation of ABS grades for chrome-plating, thereby strengthening the company’s position as a pioneer in this market.
  • Grades suitable for contact with food, in applications that require a high level of support and regulatory knowledge.
  • Newly developed, low-friction products for applications in the automotive industry.

In addition to being an excellent manufacturer for important customers throughout the world, ELIX Polymers specialises in producing ABS and SAN polymers, high-performance compounds and polymer mixes, as well as polymer modifiers.

With its factory and head office located in the largest chemical complex of Tarragona, Spain (with another office in Florida, USA), ELIX Polymers manages the third-largest ABS production plant in Europe, with five lines of ABS compounds that produce over 40 grades, and it specialises in the supply of pre-coloured products with over 300 active colours.

ELIX Polymers has an unequalled portfolio of services and is highly valued by its customers: it assures short delivery periods and is proactive, flexible and reliable. The company sells in a number of end user markets, above all in the automotive industry, healthcare, household appliances, consumer goods and products for building and construction.