ELIX Polymers Workshop Innovation plastics circular resource efficient Europe


ELIX Polymers was present at the Workshop titled “Innovation with plastics for a circular and resource efficient Europe

This past 27 September 2018, ELIX Polymers participated in a Workshop titled “Innovation with plastics for a circular and resource efficient Europe” organised by the Spanish Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry SusChem-España, along with the Association of Plastic Raw Materials manufacturers, Plastics Europe o.r. España.

The workshop took place at the Conference Hall of the Technological and Industrial Development Centre / Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico e Industrial (CDTI) in Madrid and the event was sold out with a total of 150 attendees. The purpose of this workshop was to discuss the different subjects covering the responsible use of plastic materials and to value the innovations introduced in the sector and their ability to contribute to transitioning to a Circular Economy.

ELIX Polymers' participation in the workshop consisted in a speech made by Antonio Prunera, Head of Quality and Business Development, at the first round table called "Ecodesign with plastics: innovation driven by the life cycle" explaining how ELIX applies sustainability criteria in the development of new materials and what materials have been successfully developed for the automotive industry.

Among the most popular materials that have been developed we find high heat resistant ABS materials. This line of products is noteworthy for having a very low level of emissions that allows complying with the most stringent regulations for the inside of vehicles. On the other hand, ABS/PC blends stand out against applications that are historically only covered with PC/ABS, allowing to reduce the density of the final part and therefore, reduce its weight. Also, other developments allow improving processes subsequent to injection such as chroming.

Finally, an innovative material has been introduced in the ABS world. “The combination of ABS with natural fibres allows adding a more sustainable material in the catalogue, with many advantages in its properties and a very interesting aesthetic finish. For this development we have received many awards and recognition in the automotive world", said Antonio.

ELIX Polymers reaffirms its commitment to the environment by incorporating sustainability as a strategy of innovation and development in a differentiated portfolio of products through more environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes. Responsible Innovation at ELIX responds to the desire to generate added value based on the design of new products and the needs of its customers through specific and custom solutions.