ELIX Polymers commits new sustainability programmes team and local area


ELIX Polymers commits to new sustainability programmes for its team and the local area

ELIX Polymers, a leading company in the chemicals industry with over 40 years’ experience, has achieved further developments in recent years in its sustainability programmes which benefit various stakeholders.

One of the lines of action which ELIX Polymers prioritises is the wellbeing of its team through a safe and sustainable environment, encouraging the personal and professional development of all the individuals who are part of the company. This objective is reflected in the continuous investment in training, internal promotion opportunities, support for conflict resolution and equal opportunities, and in activities for promoting teamwork and charitable actions.

Noelia Vázquez, HR and Communications Director at ELIX, explained: “In terms of continuous training, between 2016 and 2017 we delivered over 26,000 hours of training on various topics, according to the identified needs and the legal requirements to be complied with due to our economic activity. A large part of the training given has been related to health and safety issues, as well as topics related to leadership, effective communication and teamwork, among others, in order to supplement the job’s core competencies”.

ELIX encourages a transversal work culture, mainly through sporting, social and charitable spaces, in order to strengthen interpersonal relationships and a good workplace environment. Padel and football tournaments, running and cycling teams, as well as charitable initiatives, are part of the activities ELIX supports as a socially responsible company.

Since 2017, ELIX Polymers has collaborated in a social project with Tarragona Football Club. In this regard, Judith Banús, CSR Area Manager at ELIX, explained: “This year we are consolidating our commitment to the Tarragona FC charitable projects, in particular by collaborating in initiatives for the benefit of the Fundació CorAvant’s Association for Congenital Heart Disease. We also support the Running Division, which some ELIX employees are part of, and promote more of the Club’s charitable initiatives internally, by organising dissemination campaigns within the company”.

In reference to a safe and sustainable working environment for employees and the local area, ELIX ensures the integration of safety and respect for the environment in all its processes, and continuously reviews its occupational health and safety standards.