Elix Polymers - RSS News RSS News Elix Polymers. en www.elix-polymers.com ELIX Polymers highlights customer benefits, demonstrates track record and introduces new high heat polymers at Fakuma https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/17/elix-polymers-highlights-customer-benefits-demonstrates-track-record-and-introduces-new-high-heat-polymers-at-fakuma 2022-02-17 12:43:52

]]>ELIX Polymers, a leading specialist in ABS high performance materials, will demonstrate the benefits of the company’s superior tailor-made solutions for high quality thermoplastics applications.
Collaboration with ELIX Polymers delivers significant benefits for automotive glove box application https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/18/collaboration-with-elix-polymers-delivers-significant-benefits-for-automotive-glove-box-application 2018-03-13 15:31:32

]]>ELIX ABS/PC blend eliminates processing problems and reduces cycle time
ELIX Polymers has presented as case study the incorporation of SAP C4C to its management https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/19/elix-polymers-has-presented-as-case-study-the-incorporation-of-sap-c4c-to-its-management 2018-03-13 15:31:32

]]>In the last SAP FORUM (Madrid), ELIX Polymers has had a notable intervention presenting as Case Study the incorporation of SAP C4C - Cloud 4 Customer.
ELIX participate in The International Session ChemMed https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/20/elix-participate-in-the-international-session-chemmed 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>Last 9th of July, ChemMed Tarragona (Chemical Cluster of the Mediterranean) gathered 25 national and international consultants, with the aim to present The Chemical Parks of Tarragona as a good destination for future investments. Remembering and emphasizi
ELIX participate in round table about crisis communication https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/21/elix-participate-in-round-table-about-crisis-communication 2022-02-17 12:38:53

]]>Last July, Generalitat of Catalonia along with LLORENTE and CUENCA consulting, organized a communication forum and a debate to deal with “Crisis management in the chemical industry facing Seveso directive” in the headquarters that Catalonia Emergency Center
ELIX Polymers extends his sales team with new Account Manager in Croatia https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/22/elix-polymers-extends-his-sales-team-with-new-account-manager-in-croatia 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>Due to the high demand of their products in different markets, ELIX Polymers incorporated Božana Šošić as new Account Manager in Croatia, who will be responsible for conducting business negotiations in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, amo
ELIX Polymers strengthen Senior Management Team with new Business Director https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/23/elix-polymers-strengthen-senior-management-team-with-new-business-director 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>Carlos Mueller, a professional with more than 20 years of experience in petrochemical and plastics markets, joined the management team as Business Director of ELIX Polymers, effective from April 13th.
ELIX Polymers to close order books for april for standard products https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/24/elix-polymers-to-close-order-books-for-april-for-standard-products 2022-02-17 12:38:12

]]>ELIX Polymers have closed their order books for April for its modifier ELIX® 100, ELIX® 200 and Cadon® series as well as for ABS general purpose grades due to ongoing high market demand.
New company firefighters in ELIX https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/25/new-company-firefighters-in-elix 2022-02-17 12:42:55

]]>A few employees with a group of 21 collaborators of other chemical companies, have graduated as Company Firefighters after to overcome successfully the Basic Training Course organized by Institute of Catalonia Public Security (ISPC), in collaboration with
ELIX Polymers extends its Sales Team in Italy in response to growing market demand https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/26/elix-polymers-extends-its-sales-team-in-italy-in-response-to-growing-market-demand 2022-02-17 12:43:02

]]>Enrico Novara has joined ELIX Polymers as Account Manager for Italy in order to strengthen sales in this country being the second largest market for ABS resins in Europe.
Successful presentation of ELIX at Fakuma 2015 https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/27/successful-presentation-of-elix-at-fakuma-2015 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>This leading specialist in ABS high performance materials, has demonstrated the benefits of the company’s superior tailor-made solutions for high quality thermoplastics applications.
ELIX Polymers introduces new generation of ABS polymer composite material https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/28/elix-polymers-introduces-new-generation-of-abs-polymer-composite-material 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>ELIX ECO ABS-NF: Natural Fibre Reinforced ABS for high aesthetics applications
ELIX Polymers celebrates 40 years of experience in ABS manufacturing https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/29/elix-polymers-celebrates-40-years-of-experience-in-abs-manufacturing 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>Thanks to numerous investments and innovations, it has become one of the main ABS manufacturers in Europe.
ELIX Polymers has obtained the ISO 50001 https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/30/elix-polymers-has-obtained-the-iso-50001 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>Energy Management Certification
VIDEO FAKUMA 2015 - ELIX Polymers https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/31/video-fakuma-2015-elix-polymers 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>ELIX Polymers has demonstrated in the last FAKUMA, the benefits of the company’s superior tailor-made solutions for high quality thermoplastics applications. Visitors to the ELIX stand were able to see how this company offers a mix of outstanding material
New High Heat ABS from ELIX Polymers delivers weight reduction for roof hatch application https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/32/new-high-heat-abs-from-elix-polymers-delivers-weight-reduction-for-roof-hatch-application 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>Lower density, processing benefits, very low emissions and odour vs PC/ABS
ELIX Polymers has attended the PLASTEURASIA 2015 https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/33/elix-polymers-has-attended-the-plasteurasia-2015 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>One of the most significant meetings of the plastics industry
ELIX Polymers has received an award for Creation Employment granted by FEIQUE https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/34/elix-polymers-has-received-an-award-for-creation-employment-granted-by-feique 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>This award recognizes the corporate commitment of ELIX, with the creation of new job opportunities during last year.
SUCCESSFUL SHUTDOWN IN ELIX POLYMERS https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/35/successful-shutdown-in-elix-polymers 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>Maintenance and controll activities of all their facilities.
ELIX Polymers announces new compounding line https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/36/elix-polymers-announces-new-compounding-line 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>Dedicated to ABS and ABS blends
ELIX Polymers presents new ABS plating grades at automotive plastics event https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/38/elix-polymers-presents-new-abs-plating-grades-at-automotive-plastics-event 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>ELIX Polymers launches the new generation of ABS plating materials for the Automotive Industry at VDI congress “Plastics in Automotive Engineering 2016”
ELIX Polymers has been included in the top 10’s ranking of the most valuable companies to work in Tarragona https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/40/elix-polymers-has-been-included-in-the-top-10s-ranking-of-the-most-valuable-companies-to-work-in-tarragona 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>ELIX Polymers has been included in the top 10’s ranking of the most valuable companies to work
ELIX Polymers has attended the international VDI conference “Plastics in Automotive Engineering 2016” https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/42/elix-polymers-has-attended-the-international-vdi-conference-plastics-in-automotive-engineering-2016 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>Presenting the new high heat ABS Portfolio and new plating grades.
ELIX Polymers wins “Frost and Sullivan New Product Innovation Award” for ECO ABS-NF https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/56/elix-polymers-wins-frost-sullivan-new-product-innovation-award-for-eco-abs-nf 2022-02-21 15:59:17

]]>New natural fibre reinforced compound cuts customer carbon footprints without sacrificing processability and performance
ELIX POLYMERS AND OUR COMMITMENT TO CHARITY WORK https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/57/elix-polymers-and-our-commitment-to-charity-work 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>Last April we participated in The Oxfam Intermon Trailwalker challenge, a sporting charity challenge which requires teams to complete 100KM in a maximum of 32 hours
ELIX Polymers at the “Annual Automotive Plastics Summit” https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/58/elix-polymers-at-the-annual-automotive-plastics-summit 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>This event has been celebrated for the first time with the aim of getting industry experts and manufacturers together to discuss latest innovations, challenges and trends in the sector
ELIX Polymers introduces “responsible innovation” criteria for product development https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/59/elix-polymers-introduces-responsible-innovation-criteria-for-product-development 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>As part of the innovation strategy of ELIX Polymers, it has launched a new process of product development and innovation based on criteria of responsible innovation
ELIX Polymers reference of best practices on the market https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/60/elix-polymers-reference-of-best-practices-on-the-market 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>Narcís Vidal, Supply Chain Director in ELIX Polymers, traveled to Berlin to attend the forum \"Enterprise EMEA for Gartner Supply Chain Leaders\"
Major ABS specialist ELIX Polymers to make its K debut https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/61/major-abs-specialist-elix-polymers-to-make-its-k-debut 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>New materials and technologies on display on stand 7.1E04
ELIX Polymers launches ABS 3D printing RandD project in collaboration with AIMPLAS https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/62/elix-polymers-launches-abs-3d-printing-rd-project-in-collaboration-with-aimplas 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>Development of a new generation of polymer materials for use in additive manufacturing
ELIX Polymers expands styrenic-polymers business into North America https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/65/elix-polymers-expands-styrenic-polymers-business-into-north-america 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>ELIX Polymers is expanding its business and physical presence into North America. The company’s North American activities will focus on its global portfolio of ABS and ABS/PC products
ELIX Polymers received the International Trajectory Award granted by Tarragona\'s Chamber of Commerce https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/66/elix-polymers-received-the-international-trajectory-award-granted-by-tarragonas-chamber-of-commerce 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>On 28 June, the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Tarragona Chamber of Commerce took place, during which the reports provided by the Organisation’s technicians were evaluated
ELIX Polymers cuts lead times in bid to be benchmark for ABS supply https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/67/elix-polymers-cuts-lead-times-in-bid-to-be-benchmark-for-abs-supply 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>ELIX Polymers is reducing order-to-dispatch time down to just one week for the most popular products in its ABS portfolio. Lead times for all other ABS products are being cut to three weeks
ELIX Polymers introduces new generation ABS/PC blend for major weight reductions in Automotive applications https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/68/elix-polymers-introduces-new-generation-abspc-blend-for-major-weight-reductions-in-automotive-applications 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>ELIX Ultra HH 4115 HI ABS/PC can help to achieve major weight reductions through lower density, as well as delivering cost savings, processing benefits, very low emissions and odour when compared to PC/ABS
Trade show visitors embrace and endorse ELIX Polymers’ solutions at K 2016 https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/69/trade-show-visitors-embrace-and-endorse-elix-polymers-solutions-at-k-2016 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>ELIX Polymers has pronounced as a complete success its participation in the K-show (K 2016) in Dusseldorf, Germany, considered to be the plastics industry’s key trade fair
URV Masters students visit ELIX Polymers facilities https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/73/urv-masters-students-visit-elix-polymers-facilities 2022-02-17 12:37:27

]]>As part of ELIX Polymers corporate social responsibility policy
ELIX Polymers launches new food-contact grade https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/70/elix-polymers-launches-new-food-contact-grade 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>ELIX Polymers has launched a new ABS grade for use in products that come into contact with food and which also require extra toughness and resistance to high temperatures
Collaboration between BSH Electrodomésticos España and ELIX Polymers leads to improvement in aesthetic laser marking for household appliances https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/71/collaboration-between-bsh-electrodomesticos-espana-and-elix-polymers-leads-to-improvement-in-aesthetic-laser-marking-for-household-appliances 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>Cooperation in research and development has helped ELIX Polymers develop special laser-markable grades of ABS, while BSH says it may now extend its use of laser decoration into new areas
ELIX shows commitment to Voluntary Agreement Programme https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/72/elix-shows-commitment-to-voluntary-agreement-programme 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>A voluntary commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions beyond the levels required by the regulations.
ELIX Polymers extends use of SAP Hybris customer relationship management tool to drive service excellence https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/74/elix-polymers-extends-use-of-sap-hybris-customer-relationship-management-tool-to-drive-service-excellence 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>ELIX Polymers says it will increase its implementation of SAP´s customer relationship management (CRM) solution, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, to further streamline processes and strengthen relationships with customers
ELIX Polymers presents SCHMIDT IBERICA with 2016 Supplier of the Year Award https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/75/elix-polymers-presents-schmidt-iberica-with-2016-supplier-of-the-year-award 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>A supplier who has made all their company’s potential and resources available to ELIX.
ELIX Polymers takes part in Pharmapack Trade Fair for third consecutive year https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/76/elix-polymers-takes-part-in-pharmapack-trade-fair-for-third-consecutive-year 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>On 1 and 2 February, one of the most important and highly regarded trade fairs in Europe took place in Paris: Pharmapack 2017. ELIX Polymers took part in the trade fair for the third consecutive year with an exhibitor stand
ELIX Polymers extends its portfolio of ABS grades for 3D printing https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/77/elix-polymers-extends-its-portfolio-of-abs-grades-for-3d-printing 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>ELIX Polymers is developing additional specialty grades of ABS optimized for 3D printing, in the wake of high interest shown in its initial offering at K 2016 in Düsseldorf last October
ELIX Polymers renews CSR Responsible Company certification https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/79/elix-polymers-renews-csr-responsible-company-certification 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>On 1 March, chemicals company ELIX Polymers renewed its CSR Responsible Company certification for the Responsible Care voluntary programme, awarded by FEIQUE
ELIX Polymers awarded GOLD EcoVadis rating for its approach to Corporate Social Responsibility https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/80/elix-polymers-awarded-gold-ecovadis-rating-for-its-approach-to-corporate-social-responsibility 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>Chemical company ELIX Polymers has achieved GOLD level recognition in corporate social responsibility (CSR) awarded by EcoVadis, an agency that specializes in sustainable development and performance monitoring
ELIX Polymers attends the VDI “Plastics in Automotive Engineering 2017” international conference for another year https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/81/elix-polymers-attends-the-vdi-plastics-in-automotive-engineering-2017-international-conference-for-another-year 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>ELIX Polymers attended the VDI “Plastics in Automotive Engineering 2017” international conference, which took place at its usual location, Mannheim (Germany), on 29 and 30 March. The event was attended by leading experts in the automotive industry
ELIX Polymers celebrates Safety Week with different collaborative spaces https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/82/elix-polymers-celebrates-safety-week-with-different-collaborative-spaces 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>The programme of activities enabled the safety culture to be reinforced among collaborators.
ELIX Polymers presents safety award to service company Bilfinger https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/83/elix-polymers-presents-safety-award-to-service-company-bilfinger 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>As part of its Safety Week, which took place between 24 and 28 April, ELIX Polymers presented the company Bilfinger Industrial Services Spain with the “2016 ELIX Safety Award”
VIDEO SAFETY WEEK 2017 - ELIX POLYMERS https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/84/video-safety-week-2017-elix-polymers 2018-03-13 15:31:33

ELIX Polymers to collaborate in a social sports project with Tarragona Football Club https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/85/elix-polymers-to-collaborate-in-a-social-sports-project-with-tarragona-football-club 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>To encourage children with limited means to participate in sports activities.
Top moulder Maier uses new ABS/PC from ELIX Polymers for exterior pillar cover https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/87/top-moulder-maier-uses-new-abspc-from-elix-polymers-for-exterior-pillar-cover 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>Top moulder Maier uses new ABS/PC from ELIX Polymers for exterior pillar cover
ELIX Polymers enhances its brand presence in the social networks https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/88/elix-polymers-enhances-its-brand-presence-in-the-social-networks 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>The digital strategy of ELIX Polymers includes the objective of increasing the company’s visibility and brand reputation, and ensure the loyalty of its customers
ELIX Polymers makes its debut at the TCT Show 2017 https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/89/elix-polymers-makes-its-debut-at-the-tct-show-2017 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>The TCT Show 2017, one of the most important fairs dedicated to 3D printing, takes place in Birmingham, England, from 26 - 28 September. ELIX Polymers will be exhibiting for the first time, with its own stand, F59
ELIX Polymers introduces new low-friction materials for critical automotive applications and other segments https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/90/elix-polymers-introduces-new-low-friction-materials-for-critical-automotive-applications-and-other-segments 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>ELIX Polymers has developed a range of specialty grades of ABS and PC/ABS to reduce the squeak that is generated by the contact of plastic parts with other plastic parts, leather, PVC-foil or other products
Fakuma 2017: ELIX Polymers highlights new materials and technologies https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/91/fakuma-2017-elix-polymers-highlights-new-materials-and-technologies 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>Hall B5 – Booth B5-5002
Implementation of the SandOP: Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/92/implementation-of-the-sop-gartner-supply-chain-executive-conference 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>Narcis Vidal Sanz, Supply Chain Director at ELIX Polymers was invited to speak at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, held on the 20th and 21st of September in London
ELIX Polymers publishes first Sustainability Report https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/93/elix-polymers-publishes-first-sustainability-report 2022-06-03 12:13:44

]]>ELIX Polymers has published its first Sustainability Report. It provides stakeholders with an in-depth understanding of the company’s commitment to transparency and information related to the sustainability impacts of their activity during the 2016 tax ye
Fakuma 2017: ELIX Polymers showcases benefits of ABS plating grades portfolio https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/94/fakuma-2017-elix-polymers-showcases-benefits-of-abs-plating-grades-portfolio 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>ELIX Polymers has highlighted its portfolio of ABS and ABS/PC materials capable of being metallized by electroplating
ELIX Polymers makes its debut at the Plastimagen 2017 trade show https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/95/elix-polymers-makes-its-debut-at-the-plastimagen-2017-trade-show 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>ELIX Polymers Americas will present its portfolio of materials and technologies at Plastimagen 2017, one of the most important trade shows in the plastics sector, which will be held in Mexico from November 7th to 10th at the Banamex center in Mexico city.
ELIX Polymers offers leading range of specialty ABS materials for the global healthcare sector https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/96/elix-polymers-offers-leading-range-of-specialty-abs-materials-for-the-global-healthcare-sector 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>ELIX Polymers had a spotlight on global grades for healthcare applications at Fakuma.
ELIX Polymers partners with TandP Plastic for ABS distribution in the Balkans https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/97/elix-polymers-partners-with-tp-plastic-for-abs-distribution-in-the-balkans 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>ELIX Polymers has signed an agreement withTandP Plastic for the distribution of its products in the Balkan region encompassing Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia
ELIX Polymers renews environmental care efforts with commitment to Operation Clean Sweep https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/101/elix-polymers-renews-environmental-care-efforts-with-commitment-to-operation-clean-sweep 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>ELIX Polymers has joined Operation Clean Sweep (OCS), the international program designed to eliminate losses of pellets., flake, and powder and prevent these materials entering rivers and oceans. Marine lit
ELIX Polymers innovative materials based on ABS for 3D printing solutions - Additive Manufacturing for Innovative Minds (AIM) workshop https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/102/elix-polymers-innovative-materials-based-on-abs-for-3d-printing-solutions-additive-manufacturing-for-innovative-minds-aim-workshop 2022-02-17 10:28:12

]]>On Wednesday 29 November 2017, the Additive Manufacturing for Innovative Minds (AIM) workshop will take place in Rudolstadt (Germany) as part of the Rudolstädter Kunststofftage event, organised by the TITK Institute
ELIX Polymers joins Global Compact https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/103/elix-polymers-joins-global-compact 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>Global Compact is a declaration of the commitment to defend human rights in different areas.
ELIX Polymers and K.D. Feddersen expand their cooperation https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/104/elix-polymers-and-kd-feddersen-expand-their-cooperation 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>Hamburg-based plastics distributor K.D. Feddersen now distributes ABS materials from plastics manufacturer ELIX Polymers (based in La Canonja, Tarragona, Spain) throughout Germany and, via its sister companies
ELIX Polymers presents the 2017 Supplier of the Year awards https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/105/elix-polymers-presents-the-2017-supplier-of-the-year-awards 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>As a way to acknowledge the collaboration of its suppliers in fulfilling the company’s aims and challenges, ELIX Polymers has decided to highlight the collaboration of EMG, an international communication consultant, and Transportes Prats
Roctool induction heating technology used to characterise ELIX Ultra HH4115HI https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/106/roctool-induction-heating-technology-used-to-characterise-elix-ultra-hh4115hi 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>ELIX Polymers, a leading producer of ABS polymers and blends, says important improvements to surface finish are being made by using Roctool’s Heat and Cool technology to mould its ELIX Ultra HH4115HI ABS/polycarbonate blend
ELIX Polymers strengthens its commitment to environmental sustainability https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/107/elix-polymers-strengthens-its-commitment-to-environmental-sustainability 2018-03-14 09:37:57

]]>ELIX Polymers has become a leading manufacturer of ABS resins and derivatives in Europe, while maintaining its commitment to environmental sustainability and encouraging the professional development of its employees
ELIX Polymers selected by Gigaset for its new home alarm system https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/114/elix-polymers-selected-by-gigaset-for-its-new-home-alarm-system 2018-03-13 15:31:33

]]>Gigaset, one of the world\'s largest manufacturers of cordless (DECT) phones and the clear market leader in Europe, has chosen ELIX M201AS from ELIX Polymers
ELIX Polymers received the “2017 ESG EXCELLENCE AWARD” https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/115/elix-polymers-received-the-2017-esg-excellence-award 2018-03-20 10:31:53

]]>This award recognizes Environmental, Social Responsibility and Governance initiatives.
ELIX Polymers commits to new sustainability programmes for its team and the local area https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/117/elix-polymers-commits-to-new-sustainability-programmes-for-its-team-and-the-local-area 2018-03-20 10:27:51

]]>ELIX Polymers prioritises the wellbeing of its team through a safe and sustainable environment, encouraging the personal and professional development of all the individuals who are part of the company.
ELIX Polymers celebrates SAFETY WEEK https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/118/elix-polymers-celebrates-safety-week 2018-05-07 10:08:25

]]>Within the framework of the World Occupational Safety and Health Day, which took place this past Saturday April 28th, ELIX Polymers celebrated its second edition of Safety Week, from 23 to 30 April.
Vorwerk selects ELIX 5120 premium ABS-Blend for Thermomix food processor – and awards “A” supplier status to ELIX Polymers https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/119/vorwerk-selects-elix-5120-premium-abs-blend-for-thermomix-food-processor-and-awards-a-supplier-status-to-elix-polymers 2018-05-18 17:09:15

]]> Vorwerk Elektrowerke GmbH has selected ELIX ABS-Blend 5120 for the control panel housing of its Thermomix TM5 food processor. ABS Blend E.5120 is produced by ELIX Polymers.
ELIX Polymers presents the Safety Award to company Siemsa Industria as the best services company of 2017 https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/121/elix-polymers-presents-the-safety-award-to-company-siemsa-industria-as-the-best-services-company-of-2017 2018-06-14 10:54:27

]]>As part of its Safety Week, which took place between 23 and 30 April, ELIX Polymers presented the \"2017 ELIX Safety Award\" to company Siemsa Industria S.A.
ELIX Polymers employees change lives with their kilometres https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/122/elix-polymers-employees-change-lives-with-their-kilometres 2018-05-29 12:19:01

]]>Two teams from ELIX Polymers participated in the Trailwalker 2018, covering 100 km in 32 hours, with the sole objective of fighting poverty and human right to water.
Video Safety Week 2018 https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/124/video-safety-week-2018 2018-05-31 13:48:27

]]>We present a video summarising Safety Week 2018, entitled “Walking our safety culture”.
ELIX Polymers attends the RDD “Respiratory Drug Delivery 2018” international conference https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/125/elix-polymers-attends-the-rdd-respiratory-drug-delivery-2018-international-conference 2018-06-05 11:12:40

]]>ELIX Polymers had the opportunity to present its portfolio of products and solutions for the healthcare sector and share the benefits of its medical grade ABS products.
ELIX POLYMERS makes its debut at the NPE Show 2018 https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/126/elix-polymers-makes-its-debut-at-the-npe-show-2018 2018-06-05 11:14:16

]]>For the first time ever, ELIX Polymers has taken part in the NPE 2018 Show held in Florida from 7-11 May, at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC).
ELIX Polymers selected as Best ABS Polymer Producer for Europe 2018 https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/128/elix-polymers-selected-as-best-abs-polymer-producer-for-europe-2018 2018-06-14 10:51:26

]]>In the ABS category, ELIX Polymers received the prestigious award with an outstanding ranking of 95%
ELIX Polymers announces a new investment in its Tarragona plant https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/127/elix-polymers-announces-a-new-investment-in-its-tarragona-plant 2018-06-14 10:53:12

]]>The new investment objective is to optimize its ABS powder production facilities
ELIX Polymers makes its debut at the PLAST Show https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/129/elix-polymers-makes-its-debut-at-the-plast-show 2018-10-09 10:24:53

]]>ELIX Polymers was there to present a broad range of material solutions for a variety of industries and applications
CEO of ELIX Polymers share his experience regarding the benefits of Management by Missions https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/130/ceo-of-elix-polymers-share-his-experience-regarding-the-benefits-of-management-by-missions 2018-06-14 10:51:26

]]>Wolfgang Doering, CEO of ELIX Polymers was invited to Desayunos Cátedra \"Cultural change through Management by Missions: the hard way to transform mature organisations based on the example of ELIX Polymers\"
ELIX Polymers is committed to CorAvant, a congenital heart disease foundation -- https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/131/elix-polymers-is-committed-to-coravant-a-congenital-heart-disease-foundation 2018-10-19 16:16:07

]]>ELIX Polymers, as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, has once again decided to collaborate on and commit to social projects in the territory
Swell Changchun uses plateable ELIX ABS P2MC for new FAW-Volkswagen projects https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/132/swell-changchun-uses-plateable-elix-abs-p2mc-for-new-faw-volkswagen-projects 2018-10-24 11:07:40

]]>A leading supplier of electroplated automotive parts in China has selected ELIX ABS P2MC from ELIX Polymers for several new projects for FAW-Volkswagen Automotive.
ELIX Polymers promotes the personal and professional development of its employees https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/133/elix-polymers-promotes-the-personal-and-professional-development-of-its-employees 2018-06-29 06:55:58

]]>Last Thursday, 14 June, ELIX Polymers conducted a workshop on the LEAN methodology with representatives from various areas of the company
ELIX Polymers given prizes in two different categories at the II CSR Prizes in the chemical industry awarded by FEIQUE https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/134/elix-polymers-given-prizes-in-two-different-categories-at-the-ii-csr-prizes-in-the-chemical-industry-awarded-by-feique 2022-02-16 15:48:01

]]>The Company has been acknowledged in the CLIMA category due to its sustainable management in productive processes, and in the EXPORTA category for its contribution to the exporting potential in the chemical sector in Spain.
ELIX Polymers exhibits at AMI Compounding World Expo 2018 https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/136/elix-polymers-exhibits-at-ami-compounding-world-expo-2018 2018-07-12 09:10:46

]]>ELIX Polymers participated with its own stand where they presented their portfolio of polymer modifiers for the compounding industry in different applications that meet the requirements of the market.
ELIX Polymers is collaborating with the company Hug-me Group on its portfolio of sustainable products https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/137/elix-polymers-is-collaborating-with-the-company-hug-me-group-on-its-portfolio-of-sustainable-products 2019-08-26 10:33:50

]]>The company Hug-me Group, a young, innovative enterprise from the district of Tarragona, in collaboration with the company ELIX Polymers has chosen ELIX products as the materials for manufacturing a gadget that solves an everyday problem.
ELIX Polymers recognises its workers for completing the Acredita\'t-AEQT Programme https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/138/elix-polymers-recognises-its-workers-for-completing-the-acreditat-aeqt-programme 2018-10-24 11:04:38

]]>18 workers of ELIX Polymers participated in the second edition of the Acredita\'t-AEQT Programme, thereby completing Higher Level Vocal Training in Industrial Chemistry.
ELIX Polymers publishes its 2017 Sustainability Report, highlighting its human capital as the key to success https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/139/elix-polymers-publishes-its-2017-sustainability-report-highlighting-its-human-capital-as-the-key-to-success 2018-08-23 08:11:09

]]>Through its actions and specific data, this document reflects ELIX\'s commitment to sustainability and transparency and its responsibility towards company interest groups.
ELIX Polymers signs a cooperation agreement with AECC https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/140/elix-polymers-signs-a-cooperation-agreement-with-aecc 2018-08-23 08:12:03

]]>ELIX Polymers signs a cooperation agreement with the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) and commits to distributing messages of the Business Solidarity Programme.
ELIX Polymers to highlight latest material innovations for key markets at Fakuma 2018 https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/141/elix-polymers-to-highlight-latest-material-innovations-for-key-markets-at-fakuma-2018 2018-10-24 11:06:01

]]>Fakuma 2018 will be in Friedrichshafen, southern Germany, on October 16-20, and ELIX Polymers will be on Stand 5002 in Hall B5 to shine the light on its latest innovations.
ELIX Polymers was present at the Workshop titled “Innovation with plastics for a circular and resource efficient Europe https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/142/elix-polymers-was-present-at-the-workshop-titled-innovation-with-plastics-for-a-circular-and-resource-efficient-europe 2018-10-08 11:40:36

]]>The purpose of this workshop was to discuss the different subjects covering the responsible use of plastic materials and to value the innovations introduced in the sector and their ability to contribute to transitioning to a Circular Economy.
An affiliate of Sun European Partners, LLP, announces that it has agreed to sell ELIX Polymers https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/143/an-affiliate-of-sun-european-partners-llp-announces-that-it-has-agreed-to-sell-elix-polymers 2018-10-24 11:06:33

]]>Sun European Partners, LLP yesterday announced that one of its affiliates has signed a definitive agreement to sell ELIX Polymers.
ELIX Polymers launches product line for consumer sectors with special requirements on safety of use https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/144/elix-polymers-launches-product-line-for-consumer-sectors-with-special-requirements-on-safety-of-use 2019-03-28 17:35:46

]]>ELIX Polymers is launching a new line of ABS products under the brand name Chemical Compliance (CC) for applications that include toys, cosmetic containers, and products that come into contact with food.
Minghua selects ELIX ABS H801 for new spoiler projects https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/145/minghua-selects-elix-abs-h801-for-new-spoiler-projects 2018-10-31 13:00:37

]]>ELIX ABS H801 has a number of advantages that make this material ideally suited for roof spoilers.
ELIX develops ecolabel for more sustainable products https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/146/elix-develops-ecolabel-for-more-sustainable-products 2018-12-13 18:38:21

]]>With the aim of placing the emphasis on manufacturing that is respectful with the environment and developing more sustainable products in their portfolio, recently, ELIX Polymers has implemented the first distinctive marking known as ECOLABEL (type II).
ELIX Polymers receives the Climate and Export prizes at the Second CSR Awards of the Spanish chemical sector https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/147/elix-polymers-receives-the-climate-and-export-prizes-at-the-second-csr-awards-of-the-spanish-chemical-sector 2018-12-18 10:48:41

]]>ELIX Polymers received the Climate Prize for its sustainable production process management and the Export Prize through its contribution to promoting the export potential of the sector.
APPORTT rewards ELIX Polymers for its Innovation and Entrepreneurship https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/148/apportt-rewards-elix-polymers-for-its-innovation-and-entrepreneurship 2018-12-18 13:04:51

]]>ELIX Polymers won the \"Innovation and Entrepreneurship\" award as a pioneering company in the ABS products and derivatives line on a national and international level.
An affiliate of Sun European Partners, LLP completes the sale of its investment in ELIX Polymers to Sinochem International https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/149/an-affiliate-of-sun-european-partners-llp-completes-the-sale-of-its-investment-in-elix-polymers-to-sinochem-international 2019-03-12 11:50:59

]]>ELIX Polymers now begins a new stage in its more than 40 years of history under new Chinese ownership
ELIX Polymers gives its 2018 Best Supplier of the Year award https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/150/elix-polymers-gives-its-2018-best-supplier-of-the-year-award 2019-03-12 11:49:09

]]>ELIX Polymers, in recognition of supplier collaboration on meeting the company’s objectives and goals, has once again decided to highlight the collaboration of both Repsol Química S.A. and Lifopir S.A.
Plastimagen 2019: ELIX Polymers presents new materials and technologies (Booth 1363) https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/151/plastimagen-2019-elix-polymers-presents-new-materials-and-technologies-booth-1363 2019-03-20 13:45:51

]]>During this international trade fair, one of the most important in the plastics sector, ELIX Polymers will present its portfolio of products and innovations in materials for several key markets.
ELIX Polymers presents plating portfolio developments at PIAE https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/152/elix-polymers-presents-plating-portfolio-developments-at-piae 2019-03-28 13:54:51

]]>Complete range of ABS-based materials fulfils highest requirements for demanding applications
ELIX Polymers renews its EcoVadis GOLD CSR certification with the highest rating https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/154/elix-polymers-renews-its-ecovadis-gold-csr-certification-with-the-highest-rating 2019-04-04 09:11:15

]]>The chemical company ELIX Polymers has renewed its EcoVadis GOLD level Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) certification in the ranking published by EcoVadis, an independent rating agency specialising in sustainable development and performance control
Sun Capital rewards ELIX Polymers for the company\'s growth https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/153/sun-capital-rewards-elix-polymers-for-the-companys-growth 2019-03-28 13:54:51

]]>ELIX Polymers received the “2018 OUTSTANDING RECENT EXITS” award
The Chinese Ambassador to Spain visits the ELIX Polymers facilities https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/155/the-chinese-ambassador-to-spain-visits-the-elix-polymers-facilities 2019-03-29 14:08:52

]]>The visit included a factory tour which allowed the visitors to see the facilities for themselves and the company’s management operations as a European ABS manufacturer.
ELIX Polymers renews its CSR “Responsible Care Company” certification https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/156/elix-polymers-renews-its-csr-responsible-care-company-certification 2019-04-10 08:42:27

]]>ELIX Polymers renewed its CSR “Responsible Care Company” certification as a member of the Responsible Care programme. This certification is awarded by FEIQUE (Spanish Chemical Industry Business Federation), the representative and manager of this voluntary
ELIX Polymers appoints new CEO https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/157/elix-polymers-appoints-new-ceo 2019-05-02 11:46:01

]]>ELIX Polymers Board of Directors has appointed David Castañeda as CEO and Board Member
ELIX Polymers presents Garcia Riera with the Safety Award to the best services company of 2018 https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/158/elix-polymers-presents-garcia-riera-with-the-safety-award-to-the-best-services-company-of-2018 2019-05-06 11:53:13

]]>As part of Safety Week, which took place between 24 and 26 April, ELIX Polymers presented the company Garcia Riera S.L. with the \"2019 ELIX Safety Award to services companies\".
ELIX Polymers celebrates the 3rd edition of SAFETY WEEK https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/159/elix-polymers-celebrates-the-3rd-edition-of-safety-week 2019-05-16 17:01:42

]]>Within the framework of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, which took place on April 28th, ELIX Polymers celebrated its third edition of Safety Week, from 24 to 26 April.
ELIX Polymers is committed to the CorAvant Foundation and the Cromatic Running social project https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/160/elix-polymers-is-committed-to-the-coravant-foundation-and-the-cromatic-running-social-project 2020-09-18 08:51:39

]]>In April, a meeting was held on the ELIX facilities with representatives from CorAvant and Cromatic to sign both these partnership agreements.
ELIX Polymers publishes its 2018 Sustainability Report https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/165/elix-polymers-publishes-its-2018-sustainability-report 2022-06-03 11:10:51

]]>This report, which sets out all the advances and challenges accomplished by ELIX last year, also describes the company’s annual progress
ELIX Polymers enjoying success at CHINAPLAS 2019 https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/161/elix-polymers-enjoying-success-at-chinaplas-2019 2019-05-31 13:21:52

]]>ELIX Polymers, a leader in specialty ABS-based materials headquartered in Tarragona, Spain, is exhibiting for the first time at CHINAPLAS 2019
ELIX Polymers wins Best European ABS Polymer Producer Award https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/163/elix-polymers-wins-best-european-abs-polymer-producer-award 2019-06-18 13:44:53

]]>ELIX Polymers has won the Best Polymer Producers Awards for Europe in the ABS category.
ELIX Polymers employees will travel around the world in 100 days https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/162/elix-polymers-employees-will-travel-around-the-world-in-100-days 2019-05-31 13:21:52

]]>63 employees from ELIX Polymers signed up for the new edition of the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge
ELIX ABS-3D materials added to Ultimaker Marketplace https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/164/elix-abs-3d-materials-added-to-ultimaker-marketplace 2019-07-01 09:46:37

]]>ELIX Polymers, a leading specialist in high-performance ABS materials, has added two new grades to the Ultimaker Marketplace for 3D printing equipment FDM applications
ELIX Polymers participating in a European Project for ABS Recycling https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/166/elix-polymers-participating-in-a-european-project-for-abs-recycling 2019-10-31 12:56:27

]]>ELIX Polymers, together with 9 other international companies, is forming a part of the PLAST2bCLEANED project, which consists in the implementation and viability (both technical and economic) of a recycling system for waste electrical and electronic equip
ELIX Polymers presents its latest developments with remarkable success at the K Trade Fair https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/167/elix-polymers-presents-its-latest-developments-with-remarkable-success-at-the-k-trade-fair 2019-10-31 12:56:27

]]>For the second time, ELIX Polymers attended the event as an exhibitor, confirming the interest of the public in the firm’s product portfolio and its growth on an international scale.
ELIX Polymers puts its trust in Lean culture https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/168/elix-polymers-puts-its-trust-in-lean-culture 2019-12-20 10:26:18

]]>ELIX Polymers has organised its Lean event, with the objective of sharing success stories in the application of Lean principles in the company
ELIX Polymers achieves sixth place in the MEPS2 ranking for its good practices in the prevention area https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/169/elix-polymers-achieves-sixth-place-in-the-meps2-ranking-for-its-good-practices-in-the-prevention-area 2020-01-09 12:49:30

]]>Its commitment to Prevention Excellence has led to its inclusion among the Top 10
ELIX Polymers joins Styrenics Circular Solutions https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/170/elix-polymers-joins-styrenics-circular-solutions 2020-04-14 13:16:49

]]>Styrenics Circular Solutions (SCS), the joint industry initiative to increase the circularity of styrenic polymers, welcomes ELIX Polymers as a new member.
ELIX Polymers provides leading quality assurance and technical value services for pre-coloured ABS used in healthcare applications https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/171/elix-polymers-provides-leading-quality-assurance-and-technical-value-services-for-pre-coloured-abs-used-in-healthcare-applications 2020-02-24 09:13:21

]]>ELIX Polymers will demonstrate its commitment in the healthcare sector at Pharmapack 2020.The company, which is enhancing the visibility of its quality assurance and key technical services associated with medical-grade pre-coloured ABS compounds.
Lawter BVBA receives the 2019 Best Supplier of the Year award from ELIX Polymers https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/172/lawter-bvba-receives-the-2019-best-supplier-of-the-year-award-from-elix-polymers 2020-03-26 15:44:42

]]>ELIX Polymers, in order to recognize the cooperation of its suppliers in meeting the company’s objectives and challenges, has decided to highlight the cooperation of Lawter BVBA.
ELIX Polymers share its experience regarding the benefits of Management by Missions https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/173/elix-polymers-share-its-experience-regarding-the-benefits-of-management-by-missions 2020-03-05 10:00:15

]]>A space for Management by Mission companies to meet and exchange experiences and good practices
ELIX Polymers places its resources at the disposal of the fight against COVID-19 https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/174/elix-polymers-places-its-resources-at-the-disposal-of-the-fight-against-covid-19 2020-03-27 15:35:53

]]>ELIX Polymers is providing the quantities of material needed to manufacture the 3D filaments.
COVID-19 https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/175/covid-19 2020-04-06 12:07:08

]]>We at ELIX Polymers are doing all we can to deal with the coronavirus crisis, by adapting in order to guarantee the health of our employees and product deliveries to our customers.
ELIX Polymers and its commitment to the health crisis https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/176/elix-polymers-and-its-commitment-to-the-health-crisis 2020-03-30 18:09:26

]]>We at ELIX Polymers are committed to helping hospitals and health professionals.
The AEQT companies make a donation of ventilation equipment and PPE to the region of Tarragona amounting to 330,000 euros to help fight the coronavirus https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/177/the-aeqt-companies-make-a-donation-of-ventilation-equipment-and-ppe-to-the-region-of-tarragona-amounting-to-330000-euros-to-help-fight-the-coronavirus 2020-04-02 17:44:17

]]>The member companies of the Association of Chemical Companies of Tarragona (AEQT) have donated 12 ventilators with different characteristics and personal protective equipment (PPE)
ELIX Polymers joins the Repte Experimenta programme https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/178/elix-polymers-joins-the-repte-experimenta-programme 2020-10-16 13:37:54

]]>ELIX Polymers is joining the Repte Experimenta project, signing a collaborative agreement with Fundació URV to support this programme.
ELIX Polymers contributes to the transition to a circular economy https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/179/elix-polymers-contributes-to-the-transition-to-a-circular-economy 2020-04-14 13:17:58

]]>ELIX Polymers promotes the circular economy and strengthens this commitment with new projects based on responsible innovation.
ELIX Polymers plastic resin materials, essential for the healthcare sector https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/180/elix-polymers-plastic-resin-materials-essential-for-the-healthcare-sector 2020-05-29 16:48:56

]]>The ABS resins manufactured by the company in La Canonja are used to make parts for medical devices and protective equipment
ELIX Polymers joins the fight against COVID-19 with biocompatible ABS grades for medical devices https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/181/elix-polymers-joins-the-fight-against-covid-19-with-biocompatible-abs-grades-for-medical-devices 2020-06-03 19:54:48

]]>ELIX Polymers is donating a medical-grade material, ELIX ABS 3D-FC, in response to high demand from hospitals for medical masks, valves for ventilators and other medical devices
Miele selects high-flow ABS grade ELIX 118HF for its new battery-powered vacuum cleaner model Triflex HX 1 https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/183/miele-selects-high-flow-abs-grade-elix-118hf-for-its-new-battery-powered-vacuum-cleaner-model-triflex-hx-1 2020-07-07 09:03:05

]]>ELIX Polymers developed the grade specifically for the application, with improved rheological properties that enable a reduction of wall thickness of the vacuum cleaner housing parts.
ELIX Polymers obtains the EcoVadis gold medal for the fourth year running https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/182/elix-polymers-obtains-the-ecovadis-gold-medal-for-the-fourth-year-running 2020-06-03 19:18:47

]]>ELIX Polymers has renewed the EcoVadis GOLD level CSR certification in the ranking published by the agency, an independent rating entity specialising in sustainable development and performance control.
ELIX Polymers focusing strongly on Circular Economy and more sustainable products https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/184/elix-polymers-focusing-strongly-on-circular-economy-and-more-sustainable-products 2020-07-07 09:03:05

]]>Integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) into its corporate strategy
PLAST2bCLEANED celebrates its first year of research! https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/185/plast2bcleaned-celebrates-its-first-year-of-research 2020-09-18 08:51:39

]]>ELIX is the only ABS manufacturing company from Europe included in this initiative
Our commitment through responsible innovation projects https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/186/our-commitment-through-responsible-innovation-projects 2020-09-29 13:31:52

]]>PLAST2bCLEANED project - Interview
ELIX Polymers reaffirms its Strategy for Sustainability 2030 within the campaign #apoyamoslosODS https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/187/elix-polymers-reaffirms-its-strategy-for-sustainability-2030-within-the-campaign-apoyamoslosods 2020-10-06 08:29:09

]]>To reduce its potential impacts and improve the company\'s overall sustainability.
ELIX Polymers publishes its 2019 Sustainability Report https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/188/elix-polymers-publishes-its-2019-sustainability-report 2020-10-16 13:37:54

]]>Commitment to transparency and defence of a growth model that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.
ELIX Polymers and REPSOL sign a Circular Economy partnership agreement https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/189/elix-polymers-and-repsol-sign-a-circular-economy-partnership-agreement 2020-11-05 11:09:02

]]>Both companies have agreed to incorporate chemically-recycled styrene into the production of ABS/SAN, in compliance with the ISCC PLUS certification system.
ELIX Polymers is the best-valued ABS producer in the “Best Polymer Producers Awards for Europe 2020” https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/190/elix-polymers-is-the-best-valued-abs-producer-in-the-best-polymer-producers-awards-for-europe-2020 2020-10-22 08:28:31

]]>For the third year running, ELIX received an “excellent” rating in this category.
ELIX Polymers certified with ISCC PLUS for production of circular ABS https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/191/elix-polymers-certified-with-iscc-plus-for-production-of-circular-abs 2020-11-18 10:19:01

]]>ELIX is the first producer of ABS and ABS blends that is certified with the ISCC PLUS
Sinochem International presenting new compounding plant in China https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/192/sinochem-international-presenting-new-compounding-plant-in-china 2020-12-17 16:00:00

]]>ELIX Polymers specialty products will be produced by the end of 2021.
ELIX Polymers undertakes the challenge of becoming better every day https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/193/elix-polymers-undertakes-the-challenge-of-becoming-better-every-day 2020-12-22 12:03:10

]]>ELIX Polymers promotes the personal and professional development of its collaborators through the LEAN culture
ELIX Polymers’ commitment to reducing GHG emissions https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/195/elix-polymers-commitment-to-reducing-ghg-emissions 2021-02-12 08:09:02

]]>Volunteer Agreements Program
ELIX Polymers strengthens the effectiveness of its human team through Lean culture https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/196/elix-polymers-strengthens-the-effectiveness-of-its-human-team-through-lean-culture 2021-02-08 17:04:30

]]>As a part of its global mission and with the aim of being more competitive by generating added value for its stakeholders, ELIX Polymers is implementing the Lean methodology as one of its key tools.
ELIX Polymers launches E-LOOP brand for Circular Economy activities https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/197/elix-polymers-launches-e-loop-brand-for-circular-economy-activities 2021-02-23 08:40:21

]]>E-LOOP covers all initiatives in sustainable products, design, and services
ELIX Polymers and Polyscope Polymers cooperating in specialty materials for Automotive interior applications https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/198/elix-polymers-and-polyscope-polymers-cooperating-in-specialty-materials-for-automotive-interior-applications 2021-03-30 14:36:48

]]>ELIX Polymers and Polyscope Polymers have been working together for years in specialty compounds for high demanding Automotive premium applications such as sunroof modules or other structural parts.
ELIX Polymers developed medical pre-coloured ABS materials optimised for laser marking https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/199/elix-polymers-developed-medical-pre-coloured-abs-materials-optimised-for-laser-marking 2022-02-17 12:40:55

]]>Laser marking is a useful tool for implementing the mandatory unique device identification (UDI) that is required by actual medical legislations to protect against counterfeiting
ELIX Polymers successfully participated in the RIS3CAT 3D-printing research project https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/200/elix-polymers-successfully-participated-in-the-ris3cat-3d-printing-research-project 2022-02-17 11:09:19

]]>The aim was to develop 3D-printing products for the use in the transport sector
ELIX Polymers awards the Safety and Prevention Prizes within the scope of its Safety Day https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/201/elix-polymers-awards-the-safety-and-prevention-prizes-within-the-scope-of-its-safety-day 2021-05-18 09:15:28

]]>Within the scope of Safety Day, held on 28 April, ELIX Polymers has awarded the “ELIX 2019 and 2020 Safety Prize for service companies” to the companies IPSUM PROYECTOS INDUSTRIALES, S.L. and KAEFER SERVICIOS INDUSTRIALES, S.A.U. Both companies obtained t
ELIX Polymers E-LOOP products with recycled content are commercially available https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/202/elix-polymers-e-loop-products-with-recycled-content-are-commercially-available 2022-02-17 10:31:13

]]>The first volumes of mechanically recycled ABS/PC and chemically recycled ABS have been produced and validated by customers
ELIX Polymers renews CSR “Responsible Care Company” certification for another year https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/203/elix-polymers-renews-csr-responsible-care-company-certification-for-another-year 2022-02-17 12:40:06

]]>ELIX Polymers promotes the development of initiatives that consolidate its commitment to sustainable development
ELIX Polymers participates in the Inspira STEAM project to encourage girls to pursue scientific-technological careers https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/204/elix-polymers-participates-in-the-inspira-steam-project-to-encourage-girls-to-pursue-scientific-technological-careers 2022-02-17 12:45:32

]]>ELIX realised that it was necessary to take part in order to help break with gender-based stereotypes and normalise the presence of women in STEAM
ELIX Polymers strengthens its RandDandi strategy together with POLYMAT https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/205/elix-polymers-strengthens-its-rdi-strategy-together-with-polymat 2021-07-12 09:02:00

]]>Within its framework of RandDandi, ELIX Polymers is strengthening its research cooperation with POLYMAT by recently joining the consortium on polymerization in dispersed media.
ELIX Polymers presents its 2020 Sustainability Report with a renewed approach https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/206/elix-polymers-presents-its-2020-sustainability-report-with-a-renewed-approach 2021-09-21 09:56:22

]]>ELIX Polymers has published its 2020 Sustainability Report. This document presents a novel approach compared to previous versions, as it introduces ELIX’s 2030 Sustainability Strategy
ELIX Polymers gives its “2020 Best Supplier of the Year” award to Bros Group https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/209/elix-polymers-gives-its-2020-best-supplier-of-the-year-award-to-bros-group 2021-11-04 13:00:00

]]>After more than 10 years of collaboration in different projects, Bros Group has remained a key partner in selecting the most complex and strategic professional profiles for the company as well as in different talent management and development projects
ELIX Polymers participated successfully in the FUND3D 3D-printing research project https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/207/elix-polymers-participated-successfully-in-the-fund3d-3d-printing-research-project 2021-09-21 09:56:22

]]>The target was to develop and validate materials for 3D-printing
ELIX Polymers exhibits its new E-LOOP products made with recycled content at FAKUMA https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/208/elix-polymers-exhibits-its-new-e-loop-products-made-with-recycled-content-at-fakuma 2021-11-04 13:00:00

]]>E-LOOP Circular Plastics and Responsible Innovation Services will be presented at Fakuma 2021
ELIX Polymers gives AECC a check for 1,050 euro https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/210/elix-polymers-gives-aecc-a-check-for-1050-euro 2021-10-04 16:37:19

]]>The raised funds are used by the Association to help cancer patients and their families
ELIX Polymers confirms its firm environmental commitment through the Operation Clean Sweep programme https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/211/elix-polymers-confirms-its-firm-environmental-commitment-through-the-operation-clean-sweep-programme 2021-11-25 13:19:42

]]>The Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) programme objective is to protect the environment, therefore seeking to minimise losses of pellets and micro-plastics and preventing them from ending up in rivers and oceans.
ELIX Polymers and Roctool join forces to increase the chemical resistance of healthcare applications https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/212/elix-polymers-and-roctool-join-forces-to-increase-the-chemical-resistance-of-healthcare-applications 2021-11-09 09:19:29

]]>The aim is to increase chemical resistance and retain material properties when disinfectants are used in the medical sector.
We form a part of a new campaign for raising public awareness, “La teva Química”, promoted by the AEQT https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/213/we-form-a-part-of-a-new-campaign-for-raising-public-awareness-la-teva-quimica-promoted-by-the-aeqt 2021-12-23 11:15:53

]]>The objective of the initiative is to highlight and recognise all the people who form a part of the Tarragona petrochemical sector
ELIX Polymers collaborates in a Sports Charity Event against childhood cancer https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/214/elix-polymers-collaborates-in-a-sports-charity-event-against-childhood-cancer 2021-12-23 11:15:53

]]>All the funds are for charity and they will be paid to the AFANOC Childhood Cancer Association of Tarragona.
ELIX Polymers colour laboratory receives certification from Renault design department https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/215/elix-polymers-colour-laboratory-receives-certification-from-renault-design-department 2022-01-25 08:54:11

]]>The certification authorises ELIX to self-validate colours according to Renault specifications
E-LOOP H801 MR with mechanical recycled content is now available https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/216/e-loop-h801-mr-with-mechanical-recycled-content-is-now-available 2022-03-29 12:25:18

]]>E-LOOP product H801 MR has received OEM approval and validation tests have been done at Tiers
ELIX Polymers, AnQore and OCI N.V. support European consumer goods company to produce more sustainable products https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/217/elix-polymers-anqore-and-oci-nv-support-european-consumer-goods-company-to-produce-more-sustainable-products 2022-04-12 09:01:30

]]>A step that will substantially reduce the carbon footprint of its products and contribute to a more sustainable value chain
ELIX Polymers recognises and gives out its “2021 Best Supplier of the Year” award https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/218/elix-polymers-recognises-and-gives-out-its-2021-best-supplier-of-the-year-award 2022-05-03 08:51:04

]]>ELIX has decided to highlight the collaboration of both Ipsum Proyectos Industriales, S.L. and Faci, S.p.A., choosing them as the best suppliers for 2021
ELIX Polymers earns the Platinum medal from EcoVadis for its good sustainability practices https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/219/elix-polymers-earns-the-platinum-medal-from-ecovadis-for-its-good-sustainability-practices 2022-05-18 10:59:48

]]>Every year, ELIX Polymers undergoes a series of demanding audits and assessments. This year, 2022, the company has once again undergone the annual evaluation conducted by EcoVadis, a reputed agency in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) area.
ELIX Polymers makes a charitable donation to the DHIDES Association https://www.elix-polymers.com/news/220/elix-polymers-makes-a-charitable-donation-to-the-dhides-association 2022-06-03 11:06:37

]]>In order to help eradicate social inequalities and improve the quality of life of citizens through equal opportunities.